‘Dollface’ is the Friendship-focused Comedy we Deserved

At first, Dollface is just a little too much. Too weird, too hard to follow and just too damn real. But that’s just the first impression. Soon, it settles into the kind of show I always knew I needed but had never even come close to getting.

One that’s basically about female friendships, and one who understands what it means to tell that story, as it’s mostly written and directed by – imagine that, women!

Sure, the girls have love interests that come and go. Some of them are even engaging (not Jeremy). But we’re not watching a love story framed by a woman’s relationships with her friends, no; we’re watching a show about friendship that, sometimes, can also have a little romance.

You know, like life.

I’m not even going to say it’s refreshing, because that word doesn’t even cover it. It’s more than that. It’s exhilarating. Validating. And yeah, it’s also hella weird, but when you get the rest, you can live with a little weird – even if this type of weird isn’t your thing.

Dollface — “Bridesmaid” – Episode 110 –. Izzy (Esther Povitsky), Madison (Brenda Song), and Stella (Shay Mitchell), shown. (Photo by: Aaron Epstein/Hulu)

Dennings is especially engaging as Jules. We’ve always known she was good at comedy – 2 Broke Girls and the first two Thor movies are ample proof of that, but in this, Dennings does something more than give us a funny performance, instead, she gives us a heartfelt one. She isn’t trying to be funny, or at least she’s playing it as if she isn’t in on the joke, and if we’re laughing, we’re doing so with Jules, not at her.

Well, okay, maybe once or twice. That’s the way of friendship.

And that’s what this story is about. Jules, Madison, Stella and Izzie don’t always agree (in fact, they almost never do), and they don’t even always get along, but that’s not what friendship is about. Friendship is about having each other’s backs, no matter what. Friendship is about loving each other, through good times and bad times.

Oh, and friendship is also about having people to remind you that you come first, especially when the universe seems determined to make you feel like you should do things one way.

Dollface — “Feminist” – Episode 109 –. Jules (Kat Dennings), Stella (Shay Mitchell), and Izzy (Esther Povitsky), shown. (Photo by: Erin Simkin/Hulu)

I don’t want to go into details, because I think this show is better enjoyed if you don’t know anything about it other than the whole point of it is that we all need friends, but there are a few familiar faces that will show up during the run of the show, in a supporting role, that should make fans pay attention.

Notably, Matthew Gray Gubler, of Criminal Minds fame (I spent 100% of his time on screen hoping someone would comb his hair) and Goran Visnjic, of ER fame, and who most recently played Garcia Flynn in one of our favorite shows, Timeless. I think fans of both will enjoy their time on the show, though absolutely nothing that happens in season 1 is about either of them.

No, the ladies got this one, as it should be.

We’ve been here before, facing a show that looks to be about female relationships, only to find that show derailing. Dollface isn’t that show. If you need an OTP to sustain you, this show will try to throw you a bone or two, but overall, the real love story going on here is between a woman and the friends that always, always have her back.

I, personally, think that’s a perfect story to tell.

Are you excited for Dollface? What do you want to see from it? Share with us in the comments below!

Dollface will be available to stream, in its entirety, on November 15th, on Hulu.

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