‘Dollface’ 2×09 Review: “Princess Charming”

Friendship is about being there when people need you the most. Leave it to the girls of #Dollface to make sure that they do just that.

‘Dollface’ 2×08 Review: “Homecoming Queen”

So much drama, but in the midst of it all one truth remains – Ruby is a spoiled brat and we don’t like her.

‘Dollface’ 2×06 Review: “Space Cadet”

#Dollface sometimes feels like it’s trying to teach us a lesson and this weeks lesson is to live our best lives. Or something like that.

‘Dollface’ 2×04 Review: “Power Player”

Sometimes we all get a little lost from out BDE, but reclaiming it is part of this thing called life. Lets talk Episode 4 of #Dollface

‘Dollface’ 2×03 Review: Boss Lady

RSVP for a party of one. Or you know if you’re like Jules, don’t and fall into bed with a man you shouldn’t be falling into bed with.

‘Dollface’ 2×01 Review: “Travel Agent”

Season 2 of #Dollface is back & we couldn’t be more excited! Jules, Madison, Stella and Izzy are exactly what we needed right now. #FriendsAreForever

‘Dollface’ 2×08 Photos: “Homecoming Queen”

While we have plenty of time until #Dollface returns, we are getting a lot of photos! See the photos for the 8th episode.

‘Dollface’ 2×06 Photos: “Space Cadet”

We’re counting down to season 2 of #Dollface. See the photos for the 6th episode.

See The Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Dollface’

Turning 30 is a bitch! See the trailer for season 2 of #Dollface on Hulu!

‘Dollface’ 2×05 Photos: “Miss Codependent”

For some reason the title of the 5th episode of #Dollface makes us want to sing #MissIndependent, though we know it’s not applicable.

‘Dollface’ 2×04 Photos: “Power Player”

Part of the reason that we love Dollface is the exploration of female friendships. They are complicated, crazy, and fun. See the pics for episode 4!

‘Dollface’ 2×03 Photos: “Boss Lady”

Sexual frustration. New work opportunities. Mixing business with pleasure. Episode 3 of #Dollface sounds like it gets us.

‘Dollface’ 2×02 Photos: “Right Hand Woman”

The photos for the second episode of #Dollface have been released. We’re really needing new episodes ASAP.

‘Dollface’ 2×01 Photos: “Travel Agent”

We’ve been waiting for this! Hulu released pics for the upcoming second season of #Dollface and we’re counting down the days to its premiere!

Hulu Announces Premiere Date For Season 2 Of ‘Dollface’

The first season of #Dollface was really one of our favorites. The second season promises to be even more #squadgoals (we just know it)

Chelsea Frei Added To Cast Of Hulu’s ‘Dollface’

#Dollface was one of our favorite shows on Hulu. We’re looking to the seconds season. See who has been added to the cast.

‘Dollface’ Season 1 Review: With A Little Help From Your Friends

It’s hard to review Dollface, though I previously attempted to do it without spoilers, so hey, if you haven’t finished watching yet, you can check that out first. If you have, and/or don’t care for spoilers (hello, like-minded individuals), you’re…

‘Dollface’ is the Friendship-focused Comedy we Deserved

At first, Dollface is just a little too much. Too weird, too hard to follow and just too damn real. But that’s just the first impression. Soon, it settles into the kind of show I always knew I needed but…