‘Shining Vale’ 2×08 Review: “Chapter 16: Redemption”

Shining Vale 2×08 is the type of season finale you sit back and say, “yes. Inject that into my veins” to. As in, it’s one Hell of a ride.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×07 “Chapter 15: Coven”

As far as penultimate episodes go, Shining Vale 2×07 is about as ambitious as it gets; it feels more like a new beginning than almost an end.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×06 Review: “Chapter 14: What’s the Matter with Sandy?”

For most of the episode, Shining Vale 2×06 feels like filler. That’s fine…until it’s not, just like everything in Pat’s life.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×05 Review: “Chapter 13: The Miracle”

Shining Vale 2×05 “Chapter 13: The Miracle” shows how everyone else seems to have an agenda around Pat’s big news. Oh. And some hauntings.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×04 Review: “Chapter 12: Smile”

Shining Vale 2×04 “Chapter 12: Smile” is another one of those episodes that has absolutely zero business working, yet is a wild success.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×03 Review: “Chapter 11: The Goat”

Shining Vale 2×03 “Chapter 11: The Goat” reminds us this series isn’t just a comedy. It’s got plenty of nightmares for us, too.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×02 Review: “Chapter 10: She’s Real”

Shining Vale 2×02 “Chapter 10: She’s Real” is an episode that requires tissues to wipe away the tears. But never the sad kind.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×01 Review: “Chapter 9: Homecoming”

Shining Vale 2×01 “Chapter 9: Homecoming” is the perfect season premiere to remind us of everything we loved about this series.

Courteney Cox’s Instagram Is Better Than Yours…Sorry, Not Sorry

Courteney Cox has one of the best celebrity Instagrams, if not *the* best one. And stop asking who the best Friends cast member is. It’s her.

‘Scream VI’ Trailer: What’s in the Shrine & Does It Mean Gale’s Doomed?

The first full-length Scream VI trailer dropped this week, and the theories are already flying. What’s next for Ghostface? Killing, probably.

‘Scream 6’ With No Neve Campbell? May As Well Be Called ‘Random Slasher Sequel’

Reportedly, Neve Campbell will not be reprising her role as Sidney Prescott for Scream 6, which is some Grade A bullshit.

Shining Vale Season 2 Is Coming To Haunt You…

We’ve been waiting for news on Shining Vale Season 2 since the second we finished the first season. And here it is!

‘Shining Vale’ 1×08 Review: “Chapter Eight – We Are Phelps”

Shining Vale 1×08 “Chapter Eight – We Are Phelps” was the epic, inevitable conclusion to a season of television that has truly had it all.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×07 Review: “Chapter Seven – Impertinent Questions”

Shining Vale 1×07 “Chapter Seven – Impertinent Questions” offered a masterclass in performance and pure…messiness.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×06 Review: “Chapter Six – Whispering Hope”

Shining Vale 1×06 “Chapter Six – Whispering Hope” started out on the brightest note…and ended up on one of the series’ darkest images yet.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×05 Review: “Chapter Five – The Squirrel Knew”

Shining Vale 1×05 “Chapter Five – The Squirrel Knew” was destined to be one of our favorite episodes. Why? Two words: Judith Light.

‘Friends’ Chandler and Monica: Why They Work

Chandler and Monica on Friends set themselves apart in more than one way. Here’s how they’ve become a TV ship that truly works.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×04 Review: “Chapter Four – So Much Blood”

Shining Vale 1×04 “Chapter Four – So Much Blood” gave Pat the final reveal on Rosemary’s origins, tragedy and all.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×03 Review: “Chapter Three – The Yellow Wallpaper”

Shining Vale 1×03 “Chapter Three – The Yellow Wallpaper” finally gave a name to Pat Phelps’ ghost-slash-muse: Rosemary.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×02 Review: “Chapter Two – She Comes at Night”

Basically, Shining Vale 1×02 “Chapter Two – She Comes at Night” had us at “yes, we’re exposing these double standards for men and women.”

‘Shining Vale’ 1×01 Review: “Chapter One – Welcome to Casa De Phelps”

Shining Vale 1×01 “Welcome to Casa De Phelps” was the perfect setup for this new, completely bonkers series.