Disney’s ‘Wish’ Trailer Is The Most Watched For The Studio Since ‘Frozen 2’

When it comes to animation, one can almost guarantee that any Disney animated movie will capture attention. They have a lot of classic movies that we are all raised on. So many that we love – from The Little Mermaid…

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Get your calendars ready! #TheSantaClauses returns for it’s second season this November. See when!

Marvel’s Secret Invasion 1×01 Review: “Resurrection”

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Billie Boullet Talks Getting Anne Frank Right “For [Anne]” in ‘A Small Light’

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‘A Small Light’ Review: A Great Gift

A Small Light is eight episodes of incredible performances and powerful reminders that, yes, even small acts are revolutionary ones.

Disney+ Releases New Clips From ‘Peter Pan And Wendy’

Disney is giving us more greatness prepping for the upcoming release of Peter Pan & Wendy. The movie follows, “Wendy Darling, a young girl afraid to leave her childhood home behind who meets Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to…

‘The Mandalorian’ 3×08 Review: “Chapter 24: The Return”

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‘Lilo & Stitch’ Live – Action Remake Found its Lilo!

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See The First Picture From McKenna Grace’s Upcoming Movie ‘Crater’

McKenna Grace is quite busy these days. Movies, music… it seems like she’s everywhere. Not that we’re complaining. The first still from her upcoming movie Crater, has been released and we’re definitely intrigued. We’re intrigued because we’ve seen enough movies…

Disney+ Releases Character Posters For ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’

#PeterPan is kinda dark, but we’re gonna go with this version isn’t as dark as it could be. See the character posters for the #DisneyPlus film!

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‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ 1×08: ‘Prison Break’

Our money will always be on Jess, Tasha, Oren, and Ethan – Liam too. Billie be damned.

See The Trailer For The Documentary, ‘j-hope In The Box’

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‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ 1×07 Review: ‘Point Of No Return’

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‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ 1×06 Review: ‘Frenemies’

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‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ 1×05: ‘Bad Romance’

If Bad Romance is the song you’re dancing too, that should tell you something. #JustSaying #NationalTreasureSeries