The ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion: The Magic is Not There Anymore

The Harry Potter reunion was magical in some ways, and in other ways, like the actors, we’re only here for the people. Nothing more.

Tom Felton Has Really Nice Things To Say About Emma Watson

Tom Felton had some really nice things to say about Emma Watson and we’re loving it. What did he say?

New ‘Little Women’ Adaptation Releases First Trailer

Like many of you, I grew up with Little Women, and like many of you, I wanted to be Jo March when I grew up – a writer, a thinker, a free woman. So, of course, the new trailer for…

Emma Watson Reminds Us Why We Love Her

We want to be Emma Watson and it’s not for the reasons that you think. Yes, she’s talented and she’s beautiful. But the reason we want to be her is because she is selfless and keeps on giving. She is…