All things pop culture and fandom came crashing into the halls of the Metro Toronto Convention Center at the 2017 Toronto Fanexpo ┬áNo matter the genre or preference, geeks from far and wide could find whatever their nerdy little heart desired during the four day event. This came in theRead More →


The landscape of fantasy, science fiction and fandom is rapidly changing. No longer is being a nerd a negative, and love of such genres considered uncool. Geek is the new black, and with events such as San Diego Comic Con and Fanexpo taking nerdom to new levels each year, moreRead More →

Like all good things, Fanexpo 2017 in Toronto must end. After 4 days of endless celebrities, panels, costumes, shops and more, the cities biggest collection of all things fandom closes its doors on 2017, and sends fans home with purchases, stories and memories until the next year. For Fangirlish, theRead More →