Fanexpo Toronto 2017 Day 2: Game of Thrones, Cosplay, and More

Fanexpo Toronto is a cornucopia of all things fandom. Sci-fi, horror, anime….celebs, photo ops and panels. No matter your preference, you will find it here, and it an endless supply of awesome.

Maggie (Fictions Mistress)

Taking in day 2 of the annual event was a busy one, but worth every moment. We started our day at the Game of Thrones: What to Expect in Season 8 panel, hosted by Because Geek Youtube Channel. The course of the hour brought endless hints, theories and interpretations of what was to come in the next season of everyones fav show. And for those who came up with the most interesting theories, there was swag to be won! Some of the theories blew our minds, including that Bran is a actually the Night King in a split reincarnate, his dark self knowing that he would come back to end his terror, and built the wall himself to limit his reign until it could happen. *mind blown* Other theories

Because Geek – Val

include Tyrions role, his love for Danaerys, and his true lineage. And, of course, there was endless discussion of everyones favorite topic: Jonaerys! Future babies, fate of the dragons, and who would finally end up on the Iron Throne. The concepts and ideas that were thrown around the room were brilliant, thought provoking, and as I left all I wanted was to stay longer to continue the talk.

Alas, there was more fandom to explore.

Sam Maggs

Next, on a separate mission, I had the incredible opportunity to meet the incomparable Sam Maggs. Author of Wonder Women and Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy, she is the Fairy God Mother of Fangirling, and to finally come face to face with her is to witness fangirl power personified. But what was the most incredible in the encounter, was watching her interact with her readers and fans. She remembered each one she had met at previous events, and even me from Twitter from a few sporadic conversations. Such genuine appreciation and connection to fans is rare to witness, and if I hadnt already been a fan of Ms Maggs, this would do it. Good thing I am already a fan!

Unfortunately, the panel we were to attend next, featuring The Walking Dead’s Kharry Payton (King Ezekiel) was postponed until Sunday, as the star was taking part in a Hurricane Harvey relief event. As much as fans were disappointed to have to wait, to know it was for such a worthy cause made every one of us smile as we moved on with our day. Well done, Mr Payton. See you Sunday!

Marjorie – Alicia
Sansa – Sarah
Jon – Dustin

We had a little time to wander the event, and again the variety and endless options for collectibles and items left us spinning. But what was just as remarkable is the talent of the fans themselves! Cosplay has become a phenom of its own at these events, and Fanexpo brings together some of the best and most talented individuals I have ever seen. The costumes these fans create are nothing short of awe inspiring, and with each one you wonder who someone could top it. Turn around, and see another! Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, Marjorie Tyrell, Cersei Lannister, Ursula from Little Mermaid, Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland…there was no end, but just as many thrills!

Host – AJ Fry
Richard Dreyfuss

A highlight of the day, however, came in our final panel of the afternoon. A Q&A with the legendary Richard Dreyfuss. Star of sci-fi phenoms such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and the horror movie that made an entire generation (and all those after) terrified to enter the water, Jaws, is an Academy Award winning actor with a reach and variety of roles that few can compare to. But what was the most captivating by the star was his passionate plea to the crowd on civics. The majority of the start of the panel was his intense explanation and argument to how the world has come to the place it sits now. You could feel his dedication, and hear the determination in his voice that despite acting, his second love was the study of citizenship and all the responsibilities that come with it. To hear the man speak was a privilege I will not soon forget, and I promise a recap of the talk in another article.

The day was filled with entertainment, awe and all this fandom, and its only the second! Two more full days of incredible panels, stars and shopping is to be had, so if you haven’t had the chance, make sure you get down to the Metro Toronto Convention Center to take in all this fandom!

Stay tuned for day 3….

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