‘Scream VI’ Trailer: What’s in the Shrine & Does It Mean Gale’s Doomed?

The first full-length Scream VI trailer dropped this week, and the theories are already flying. What’s next for Ghostface? Killing, probably.

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First Official ‘Scream VI’ Teaser Puts Ghostface Out In The Wild, For Better Or Worse

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Interview with the Vampire 1×03 “Is My Very Nature That of the Devil?” is by far the most thought-provoking episode of the series to date.

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‘Hellraiser’ Review from Someone Who Knows Nothing About Pinhead

For someone with no idea what a Cenobite was, Hulu’s Hellraiser is a wild ride we wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ Trailer Sees a Ghost Teaching Bullies a Lesson

Yeah, we don’t feel bad for a ghost teaching bullies a lesson in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a new horror film coming to Netflix.

Book Review: ‘Stinetinglers’ by R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine’s latest, Stinetinglers, is the perfect read to kick off spooky season. The best part? The insight into Stine’s creative mind.

‘Scream 6’ With No Neve Campbell? May As Well Be Called ‘Random Slasher Sequel’

Reportedly, Neve Campbell will not be reprising her role as Sidney Prescott for Scream 6, which is some Grade A bullshit.

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‘Nightbooks’ Review: This Family-Friendly Horror Flick Is a Cheap Thrill

Nightbooks’ thrills may be cheap, but even the most unwilling participants will have a blast in the presence of Krysten Ritter’s evil witch.

‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978’ Review: Somehow More Boring Than the First Installment

I love scary movies. Always have, always will. But Fear Street Part Two: 1978 was more boring than the first installment in this trilogy. And why did I watch and waste 110 minutes? For curiosities sake. Surely, the second one…

‘Halloween Kills’ New Trailer Sees Michael Continuing His Rampage and Jamie Fighting Back

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode are back in Halloween Kills, the sequel to the 2018 movie that changed everything.

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 7

ATX TV Festival, after day 6 emotions, dedicated its day 7 to horror and… I loved it. Despite not being my favorite genre, I liked this new vision that is presented to us here and the way they had to…

#WayBackWednesday – The Craft (1996)

The Craft is a movie that totally freaked me out as a kid. I watched The Craft for the first time at a friend’s house during a sleepover. It scared me so badly that we didn’t finish it. What can…

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#WayBackWednesday – The Fog (1980)

The Fog (1980) is a film I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing once before this week. I’ve waxed philosophical more than once on Fangirlish about my love for John Carpenter’s work and directorial style. When I saw that The…