‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Official Trailer is a Horror Delight

The Fall of the House of Usher looks like an absolute horror delight in the official trailer for the Mike Flanagan mini-series.

‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ & ‘Three Blind Mice’ Have Horror Films?!

Have we gone too far with having a horror movie for Mary Had a Little Lamb and Three Blind Mice? We might’ve honestly.

The ‘Thanksgiving’ Movie Trailer Has A Voiceover That’ll Make ‘Suits’ Fans Lose It

If the Thanksgiving movie trailer is any indication, the horror genre is about to get…Litt Up. Don’t know what that means? Watch Suits!

Yes, There’s a Horror Slasher About a Sloth

Just when you think that horror slasher’s can’t get more ridiculous, you come and find out there’s a movie called Slotherhouse.

Yes, We Want the Annabelle Monster High Doll

The Annabelle doll is getting her own Monster High doll and honestly, we’re down to buy her and a whole line of spooky companions.

‘The Nun 2’ Official Trailer Looks As Scary as the First One

The Nun 2 official trailer looks about as scary as the first movie did…so basically it doesn’t look scary at all. #ISaidWhatISaid

‘Run Rabbit Run’ Review: If You Like ‘The Babadook’ Then Watch This

Netflix’s new horror film Run Rabbit Run is giving us major The Babadook vibes and we need to talk about it.

‘FROM’ On MGM+ Is So Good, Sleeping On It Would Be A Nightmare

If you’re not watching FROM on MGM+, what are you waiting for? Looking at you, horror fans and viewers who love a good twist.

Do We Need Another Cinderella Film with a Horror Twist?

Cinderella is getting a horror movie retelling and there is something so intriguing that we might watch. Let’s discuss.

‘Gnomes’ Horror Short Getting Feature Film by ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Writers

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, the horror short film Gnomes is getting a feature film by the Ant-Man & the Wasp writers.

A ‘Scream VI’ Limited Edition Print Has Us Hype For…Stab The Musical

Looking for something to add to your personal Ghostface shrine? Grab this limited edition Scream VI print while you can. Read on for how.

‘Scream VI’ Trailer: What’s in the Shrine & Does It Mean Gale’s Doomed?

The first full-length Scream VI trailer dropped this week, and the theories are already flying. What’s next for Ghostface? Killing, probably.

‘There’s Something Wrong with the Children’ Trailer Delivered on the Creepy Kids

Want your horror movie to scare us? Scary. Children. Check out our thoughts on the trailer for There’s Something Wrong with the Children!

First Official ‘Scream VI’ Teaser Puts Ghostface Out In The Wild, For Better Or Worse

Scream VI has its first official teaser, and we’re not entirely sure what to make of it. Hear us out before you get stabby.

5 Underrated Horror Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

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‘Interview with the Vampire’ 1×03 Review: “Is My Very Nature That Of The Devil?”

Interview with the Vampire 1×03 “Is My Very Nature That of the Devil?” is by far the most thought-provoking episode of the series to date.

5 LGBTQ+ Horror Short Films to Watch This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, here are 5 LGBTQ+ horror short films that you can watch to get into the spirit of the holiday!

Movie Review: ‘Follow Her’ Is A Psychological Thriller That Keeps You Guessing

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‘Piggy’ Movie Review: Redefining What It Means to Be a Big Girl in Horror

Carlota Pereda’s Piggy (Cerdita) does something we’ve never seen when it comes to big girls in horror. Read our review.

‘Hellraiser’ Review from Someone Who Knows Nothing About Pinhead

For someone with no idea what a Cenobite was, Hulu’s Hellraiser is a wild ride we wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ Trailer Sees a Ghost Teaching Bullies a Lesson

Yeah, we don’t feel bad for a ghost teaching bullies a lesson in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a new horror film coming to Netflix.