‘Fear Street Part Three: 1666’ Review: At Least This Trilogy is Finally Over

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 marks the end of this trilogy and I’ve never been more grateful for something to finish.

‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978’ Review: Somehow More Boring Than the First Installment

I love scary movies. Always have, always will. But Fear Street Part Two: 1978 was more boring than the first installment in this trilogy. And why did I watch and waste 110 minutes? For curiosities sake. Surely, the second one…

‘Fear Street Part One: 1994’ Movie Review: It Was Boring But at Least It Was Queer

Fear Street Part One: 1994 was a boring mess that kept me locked on the screen because of the promise of queer goodness. Read our review!

See The Trailer For ‘Fear Street’

All this week, Netflix has been having Geeked Week. Geeked Week is an online event that showcases some of our favorite Netflix shows and movies while introducing us to some upcoming ones. There has been a lot of content and…