Road to Beijing: 2021 Rostelecom Cup Recap

The last figure skating event before the International Skating Union (ISU) Grand Prix Final is in the books with the 2021 Rostelecom Cup.

Road to Beijing: 2021 Internationaux de France Recap

This week’s International Skating Union (ISU) Grand Prix event landed in Grenoble, France. The figure skating season continues.

Road to Beijing: 2021 NHK Trophy Recap

This weekend’s ISU (International Skating Union) Grand Prix event took place in Tokyo, Japan. Missed it? We’ve got you covered!

Road to Beijing: 2021 Grand Prix of Italy Recap

The figure skating season continues with the 2021 Grand Prix of Italy, or ‘Grand Premio d’Italia.’ The event took place from November 5-7, 2021 in Italy’s winter sports capital, Torino.

Road to Beijing: 2021 Skate Canada International Recap

The second event of the 2021 International Skating Union (ISU) Grand Prix circuit is in the books with Skate Canada International wrapping up October 31. Fans were given a preview of what’s to come as we get closer to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Figure Skating: ISU 2021 Grand Prix Look-Ahead

The International Skating Union’s (ISU) Grand Prix series kicked off this past weekend on October 22. Ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it’s a critical look ahead to what the Olympic figure skating competition will have in store.