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‘Ghosts’ 2×22 Review: “The Heir”

Ghosts 2×22, “The Heir,” is a diabolical season finale that packs a massive punch. Read on for our review of the season finale!

‘Ghosts’ 2×21 Review: “Whodunnit”

Ghosts 2×21, “Whodunnit,” delivers a gut-punch and gasp-worthy resolution to a century-old murder mystery. Read on for a full review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×20 Review: “Woodstone’s Hottest Couple”

Ghosts 2×20, “Woodstone’s Hottest Couple,” features the return of a beloved chaotic teenager intent on causing as much trouble as possible.

‘Ghosts’ 2×19 Review: “Ghost Father of the Bride”

Ghosts 2×19, “Ghost Father of the Bride,” brings the laughs and the feels as the series starts winding down for the season.

‘Ghosts’ 2×18 Review: “Alberta’s Descendant”

Ghosts 2×18, “Alberta’s Descendant,” is a musical tribute to Alberta and a perfect story about realizing dreams.

‘Ghosts’ 2×17 Review: “Weekend From Hell”

Ghosts 2×17, ‘Weekend From Hell,’ sees the return of a less-than-savoury character. Read on for a full review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×16 Review: “Isaac’s Book”

Ghosts 2×16, ‘Isaac’s Book,’ is further proof that this show just cannot miss. Read on for some ghostly fun and Hamilton slander!

‘Ghosts’ 2×15 Review: “A Date to Remember”

Valentine’s Day may be over, but Ghosts 2×15, “A Date to Remember,” turns the romance all the way up. Read on for a review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×14 Review: “Trevor’s Body”

Ghosts 2×14, “Trevor’s Body,” is emotionally damaging, in the best possible way. Read on for a full review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×13 Review: “Ghost Hunter”

Back from a brief hiatus, Ghosts 2×13, “Ghost Hunter,” is a near-perfect riff off of a franchise that needs it.

‘Ghosts’ 2×12 Review: “The Family Business”

Romance is everywhere on Ghosts 2×12 “The Family Business,” and it’s not even Valentines Day yet. Read on for our review!

‘Mythic Quest’ 3×10 Review: “Buffalo Chicken Pizza”

Mythic Quest 3×10 “Buffalo Chicken Pizza” is a season finale that encapsulates so much of what makes this show great.

‘Ghosts’ 2×11 Review: “The Perfect Assistant”

Ghosts 2×11 “The Perfect Assistant” brings the show back from hiatus for more spirited, spooky shenanigans. No, there’s no addressing that ending, but no matter. This is one of the greatest ensemble episode that the series has featured in some…

‘Mythic Quest’ 3×09 Review: “The Year of Phil”

Mythic Quest 3×09 “The Year of Phil” gives fans a much-needed emotional break before what’s sure to be an emotional finale.

Fangirlish 2022 End of the Year Lists: Books We’re Looking Forward To In 2023

Readers can look forward to a lot of great books in 2023. Read on for our list of some of the upcoming books that have us hyped!

‘Mythic Quest’ 3×08 Review: “To Catch a Mouse”

Mythic Quest 3×08 “To Catch a Mouse” succeeds in disguising itself as a classic comedy before shattering our hearts.

Book Review: ‘Cold Snap’ by Maureen Jennings

The Paradise Cafe family is back with Maureen Jennings’ latest murder mystery, ‘Cold Snap’. Read on for our review!

Book Review: ‘Something in the Heir’ by Suzanne Enoch

If you’re like us and are still waiting for Bridgerton Season 3, Suzanne Enoch’s ‘Something in the Heir’ just might hold you over.

Book Review: ‘Eight Nights of Flirting’ by Hannah Reynolds

Hanukkah can officially begin with Hannah Reyonlds’ Eight Nights of Flirting. Read on for our full review!

‘Mythic Quest’ 3×07 Review: “Sarian”

Mythic Quest 3×07 “Sarian” follows in the series’ long tradition of one-off stories that destroy us in the best possible way.

‘Ghosts’ 2×09 and 2×10 Review: “The Christmas Spirit: Part One” and Part Two

The holidays have arrived at Woodstone Manor with Ghosts 2×09 and 2×10, “The Christmas Spirit” Parts 1 and 2.