To say I am angry about the final role of my hero, Ser Brienne of Tarth, is an understatement. Perhaps even the understatement of the century. Now, before I begin my verbal evisceration of this real tragedy, I want to make it very clear that the only thing that IRead More →


Tonight’s Game of Thrones’ synopsis is as vague as ever but we will finally get some answers as to what’s the deal with Arya and her almost death last week. Especially since this episode is entitled ‘No One’ will we get to see the death of No One and AryaRead More →

It looks as if King’s Landing is set for war in Blood of My Blood as Jaime and Cersei take up arms against the Sparrows. We will also get to meet Sam’s family as he and Gilly make the awkward trip back home. Let’s get ready for ‘Blood of MyRead More →