Not a single fan of The Blacklist ever wants to see Aram hurting, but man did it make for one of the best episodes The Blacklist has had in years. The first hour was a lighthearted treasure hunt lead by Red and his old mentor Robert Vesco played by theRead More →


This week’s┬áBlacklist, “Nicholas T. Moore” was definitely a strange one. It was a Blacklist meets The X Files type of episode. The cult that kidnapped Samar was an incredibly creepy and violent one who labelled anyone outside their community as “The Olo.” If anyone tried to venture outside of theRead More →

In “Anna Gracia Duerte” The Blacklist tackled the sensitive topic of child brides and arranged marriages. “Anna Gracia Duerte” a 17 year old girl, was the target the Task Force was after. She had been a child bride, forced by her parents to marry the man who raped her inRead More →

So I was expecting a lot from “Philomena” and I guess for me, it kind of fell flat. I was expecting things to really start escalating with the fight between Kate and Red, but it was pretty much just another episode of buildup to the final confrontation, which it looksRead More →

The promotional photos and trailer for Lipet’s Seafood Company heavily focused on the fact that there was a mole inside the team, but it turns out that it wasn’t the kind of mole we were expecting. Samar was revealed as the spy, but she was working with another intelligence agencyRead More →

Tonight in “The Thrushes” the moment we’ve all been waiting for happened. That’s right, they finally got Agnes back!!!!!! It feels like it’s been an eternity and a half since they first started looking for her, but Red’s work finally paid off. When Kirk was holding Agnes and standing onRead More →

So “Gaia” has come and gone, and Kirk still has Agnes. It looked like the team might finally bring her home this time, but largely thanks to Tom, Agnes is just as far away as ever. When Liz told him not to trace the link to the video that KirkRead More →

In Thursday’s episode “Miles McGrath” the team and Red continued the hunt for Agnes. Red is still adamant about working on his own, and because of everything that has happened tensions are understandably high. Let’s talk about Donald Ressler for a minute. He has done everything that has been requiredRead More →