Almost every season, without fault, there’s a show that just …gets to you. One that touches something inside you, one that speaks to a part of your soul. One that makes you say, yes, this is my new obsession. For a while, I was sure this TV season was goingRead More →


It’s one of the best times of the year. Why? It’s that time where fall television is coming, and the excitement that I feel deep within my soul is overwhelming. I love it. While there are plenty of new shows coming on the air, I have to admit that IRead More →

We’re hereM blindspotters! The season ends with this double episode where all pieces, even the smallest ones, fit together to reach a conclusion that changes everything forever. The secrets of the entire team are revealed, and both the trust they have in each other and what they mean to eachRead More →

We’re back, blindspotters! After this hellatus, our favorite show returns with a very irregular transition episode. “Coder to Killer” clearly prepares us for the last two episodes of the season. However, the episode has some errors in terms of development. On some occasions, the pace has been too slow and,Read More →

We blindspotters are in luck! BLINDSPOT HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A FIFTH AND FINAL SEASON! YAAAS! It was what I wanted most. We have to celebrate it as it deserves so, what the hell are we waiting for? Once we have calmed down – a little, at least – it’sRead More →

The Blacklist came in hot with the penultimate episode of season 6, and it’s all leading to an explosive season finale. Red and the Task Force finally uncovered the plot against the United States orchestrated by Anna McMahon, taking possession of the dossier that detailed the group’s plan to haveRead More →

So it finally happened. We now know Red’s true identity and why he’s been keeping it from Liz for all these years. The Red we’ve always known is really a man named Ilya, Katarina Rostova’s lover. Ilya changed his identity to that of Raymond Reddington in order to keep KatarinaRead More →

It’s strange that a Saturday arrives and I don’t write a Blindspot’s review. But that will not be possible at a time, in a longer time than we all expected. Yesterday, we learned that NBC took Blindspot out of their schedule without an explanation, without a new return date … theyRead More →

New Amsterdam‘s “Happy Place” was great in the Sharpwin department but felt boring everywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, there were some nice moments that the show is becoming known for but nothing pulled me in. If anything, Helen, Max, Iggy, and Reynolds definitely stole the show this week. AndRead More →

We’re here again, Blindspotters! After a slow week, the show has given us an episode like those of yesteryear. In “Everybody hates Kathy” the good rhythm returns, as well as the tattoos, the mysteries and the emotional conflicts. In short, our favorite series returns. The case of the week hasRead More →

I’m a few episodes off on my reviews due to trying to work night shift and write, which is probably not impossible but I found it to be. But I’m back and we need to catch up on what’s happening on New Amsterdam’s “Five Miles West.” My favorite character, DeanRead More →

Welcome back, blindspotters! After a week, “Ohana” gives us an episode better than the previous one, but still not perfect. The case of the week occupies too central a place, although they use it very well to introduce the return of Patterson’s father and get, this time, all the possibleRead More →

Only a few hours left, blindspotters! We can almost taste the new episode! To get you excited, here are the synopsis for the next  two episodes, which make clear that the final stretch will be heart attack worthy. Here we go! Here’s the synopsis for episode 4×18: “’OHANA” 04/12/2019 (08:00PMRead More →

The third season of This Is Us has been a roller coaster of emotions. We’ve been up and down and sometimes all over the place but the season finale finally took us to where we’ve been dying to go since the season started: the future. We’ve known that “her” was RebeccaRead More →

Picking up right where we left off in the last episode, R&B takes us on a journey of Beth and Randall’s love. We get to see the good, the bad and the ugly. I guess not every marriage is perfect. Is there even such a thing? I don’t know butRead More →

Well Blacklisters, we can all stop wondering now that we’ve heard the news, The Blacklist has been renewed for season 7! The original cast is set to return, so a whole new series of Red’s antics with the Task Force is on the horizon. We have yet to see whatRead More →