I just watched the premiere of Legacies and I am not sure about it yet. I mean – I am not opposed to it, but I am not sold yet. I know, I know – we’re establishing the world and they did a good job of that. I am notRead More →


We’re only one episode away from The Blacklist season finale, and NBC has released the photos for “Lawrence Dane Devlin.” Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger as Samar was taken captive by a violent cult, and the Task Force is beginning a desperate search for her, one that willRead More →

What are you thinking of this season of Arrow? It’s like this roller coaster ride for us. Somedays we love it, somedays we’re wondering what the writers are thinking. Last weeks episode – we loved. This upcoming episode… Well that’s still up for debate. The episode is entitled, The Dragon,Read More →

In this week’s all new Blacklist, The Task Force is headed to Paris. NBC has released the photos for “Zarak Mosadek” and it looks to be an action packed hour as Red and the Task Force follow a lead on Ian Garvey. Episodes in which the team gets to leaveRead More →

The Blacklist finally returns tonight after a two week long unexpected break, and I couldn’t be happier! NBC has released the photos for “Anna Gracia Duerte,” and it looks like things are heating up as the Task Force works to bring down Ian Garvey. When we left the characters last,Read More →

NBC has released the photos for this week’s new Blacklist, “The Capricorn Killer.” After Liz discovered the identity of Tom’s killer last week, unfortunately at the cost of Detective Singleton’s life, this week she, Red, and the Task Force will be doing everything they can to bring him to justice.Read More →

SEAL Team is absolutely amazing. We can’t get enough of the show. It may be midseason, but we feel like the show feels fresh and new, but still maintains what made us fall in love with it in the first place. What is that? The amazing characters, captivating writing, andRead More →

NBC has released the photos for tonight’s new episode of The Blacklist, “The Invisible Hand.” Liz is continuing the search for Tom’s killers, now determined to find out what secret of Red’s he died for. Last week, Red made it pretty definite that he’s never going to tell Liz whatRead More →

NBC has released the photos for this week’s all new episode of The Blacklist, “Tommy Wattles.” From the photos and the episode description, Liz will continue her search for Tom’s killers, this time with Red’s help. In last week’s episode, Red promised her that he would help, as he nowRead More →

The Blacklist reaches a special milestone tonight as it airs its 100th episode, “Abraham Stern.”  We’ve followed this story since 2013, saying goodbye to many characters along the way. The Task Force has been through so much since Red first handed himself in to the FBI. They’ve suffered unimaginable loss,Read More →

A little over a month after the heartbreaking fall finale that sent Tom Keen to his death, NBC has released the photos for tonight’s return of The Blacklist, “Ruin”. Liz will have to work through the grief of losing her husband, and judging from the photos, it looks like she’sRead More →

Supernatural’s mid-season finale is finally here with the return of Jack. The nephilim is trying to find any means to prove to his family (Sam, Dean, and Cas) that he can control his powers. He enlists the help of Kaia, who is joining Wayward Sisters, to help him find Mary Winchester andRead More →

After too long, Castiel is back with his family in Supernatural‘s “Tombstone.” After a couple touching reunions, because there’s no way they’d deprive us of that, they dive right into a mystery in an old western town. To get in the mood they don stetsons, bolo ties, and pick up theRead More →

NBC has released the photos for the fall finale of The Blacklist, “Ian Garvey” and things aren’t looking good for Tom Keen. After last week’s massive blunder that got him kidnapped and two other people killed, Tom is being held captive and tortured by the mysterious third party who wantsRead More →