Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Reason For Not Doing Reboots For ‘Cruel Intentions’ & ‘Buffy’ Is Why We Wish She Would…For One Of Them

The world is drowning in reboots and revivals, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is opting out of both Cruel Intentions and Buffy. Here’s why we agree on one but not the other.

‘Reboot’ Review: A Show That Makes Fun Of Itself Is What We Needed

A review of Hulu’s sitcom parody Reboot created by Modern Family’s co-creator Steven Levitan and stars veteran comedians

#WayBackWednesday – The Parent Trap (1998)

Sometimes it’s fun to revisit a film like The Parent Trap (1998) to see if it still holds up for you as an adult like it did when you were a kid. It’s especially fun when you can do that…

‘The Craft’ Reboot in the Works, but Do We Want One?

The Craft is by far one of my absolute favorite cult classics.  I know it word for word, and scene by scene.  I love watching it. Released on May 3, 1996 (yay anniversary!), and directed by Andrew Fleming, the film…