One thing that this pandemic has taught me is that I am not watching and implementing enough of what I am learning from The Food Network. But in that same breath, it has taught me that cooking shows just aren’t meant for The Food Network. Selena Gomez is taking toRead More →


One of the most inspirational women out there – in my opinion – is Selena Gomez. The actress/singer/all around bad ass inspires other to follow their dreams, but also she works hard to end the stigma around mental illness. And the most inspirational thing to me is that she putsRead More →

This sounds like a TV show we’d watch – a show based on Selena Gomez’s life. Yes, we’d be interested in that. We watched Entourage because we liked Mark Wahlberg. It was announced that Selena Gomez will produce a show based off her life for Lifetime. Lifetime isn’t the networkRead More →