Neil Gaiman Calling Out ‘The Sandman’ Haters Is A Thing Of Beauty

For some reason that we will never understand, people on Twitter keep showing their asses to Neil Gaiman. Metaphorically, at least. (Though for all I know, they try to do it literally too. It is the Internet, after all.) You…

Abigail Spencer Writes An Open Letter To Fans About The Hardest Year Of Her Life

Abigail Spencer’s open letter to fans on Instagram is emotional and we’re thankful for her honesty. She’s definitely made a difference with her honesty.

Andrew Garfield Talks About Why He Stays Off Social Media

Andrew Garfield shares things on social media when it feels authentic, but he’s definitely drawn some boundaries. Which we can get behind

Twitter Needs To Stop Trending Betty White With No Disclaimer, PLEASE

Twitter needs to stop being an asshole and making us think something happened to icons when nothing did. Do better twitter.

Thanksgiving Is A Mess And The Internet Shows Us Why

In Thanksgiving things don’t go the way they should and it’s all a mess. And internet needs to see that mess. You too! Ready?

Upstead And Stellaride Were A Blast In The Latest One Chicago Wednesday And The Fandom Has Thoughts

One Chicago is getting used to making us cry. We love Upstead and Stellaride even if we suffer. Ready to see what the fandom thinks?

Jennifer Nettles Surprises A Fan

We stan a celebrity reaching out to their fans and making sure they know they are appreciated. This is top notch sh*t, Jennifer Nettles.

Cardi B Offers To Officiate Kal Penn’s Wedding

We believe weddings should be private and for the people that matter most. But if Cardi B officiates, can we get a social media highlight reel?

The Latest ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago P.D’ Episodes Were Hard and the Internet Has Thoughts

We bring you some of the best reactions to Chicago Fire and Chicago PD last episodes because the internet has A LOT of thoughts.

This Is Not A Drill – Timothee Chalamet Has A YouTube Channel

Did we ever think we’d watch a YouTube channel about game controllers? Nope. But then Timothee Chalamet leaked he had one.

‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Talks About Her Mental Health Struggles

#Riverdale star #LiliReinhart opened up in a TikTok about who helps her with getting out of bed on tough days. Hint: He’s a Cutie!

Nicola Coughlan Wraps On Season 2 Of ‘Bridgerton’

Season 2 of #Bridgerton has wrapped filming. We’re one step closer to getting more of the show we love and that makes us happy!

Ryan Reynolds To Take A Sabbatical From Movies

#RyanReynolds has been everywhere and has been working a lot. We’re thankful for it, because hey, we ❤️ him. But we’re glad that he’s taking a sabbatical

TikTok Star Makes Grogu, Harry Potter, and Star Wars Nail Art Sets

From Grogu from The Mandalorian to Harry Potter and Star Wars, this TikTok star makes stunning nail art sets!

NSYNC Once Again Forgets Not Everything Has To Be On The Internet

The men of NSYNC are really, really hoping to remain relevant, but what some are proving is their desperation for attention. And it’s sad.

18 Olympians You Should Be Following on TikTok

We’re thankful for social media in the midst of this pandemic and the fact that Olympians are using it so we can see all the things. We’re all for it.

Now You Can Meditate with Chris Hemsworth 7 Days a Week

We thought that Idris Elba putting us to sleep in the Calm App was the height of glory and that we’d never see another actor join the ranks of “Hot Guys Whose Voices Sooth Me.” But here comes Chris Hemsworth…

‘Shadow & Bone’: Where to Find the Cast on Social Media

We are counting down the days until Shadow and Bone premieres on Netflix. In order to tide us over, we’re getting to know the cast by following their social media accounts. If you are unfamiliar, the show is an adaptation…

Kendall Jenner Talks About Her Anxiety

Mental Health. You’ll hear us talk a lot about it – because it’s always important to talk about, but right now – more than ever. Whatever you think about the Kardashian/Jenner’s – I personally think they are smart business people.…

To Engage or Not Engage: Feminism, Politics and Race on Social Media

I love social media. Like many people, I use it to keep up with current events and discuss my favorite things with great people all over the world. Occasionally I have some fun slapping down trolls, but for the most…

What’s in a Block? (Top Five Twitter Rules for Talking to Famous People)

I have seen it said a lot that Twitter belongs to the regular folks, the people who search for endless entertainment between the porn bots and the people begging for followers. Twitter has a lot of problems, primarily in taking harassment…