Legacies frequently refers to its merry band of crime-fighting supernatural beings as the Super Squad. Because of that, we want to discuss which superheroes some of the Legacies characters would dress up as for Halloween. Hope Mikaelson Halloween Costume: Wonder Woman Hope Mikaelson is the leader of the Super Squad.Read More →


During an ice-cream bender with the “all men make us sick” theme on a loop, a trailer for Thor: Ragnarok popped up on the television. In a fit of optimism I told my friend “That’s the kind of man we need.” “Chris Hemsworth? He is cute, but he’s married,” sheRead More →

Please note, this article has spoilers for Arrow the episode “Eleven-fifty-nine.” Read at your own risk. While everyone is talking about the death – you know the one – I wanted to take a moment to talk about my third favorite badass on the show. There was a pretty bigRead More →

Television has flourished during the height of the superhero genre that has brought a variety of different superheroes to life for a vast audience that has embraced their stories. Whether it’s the traditional superpowered heroes like The Flash or Supergirl or the non-traditional, non-superpowered heroes like Green Arrow and Daredevil,Read More →