‘The Irregulars’ 1×08 Review: “Chapter Eight – The Ecstasy of Life”

The Irregulars 1×08 “Chapter Eight: The Ecstasy of Life” saw the power of love keeping our favs safe and together. Mostly.

‘The Irregulars’ 1×07 Review: “Chapter Seven – The Ecstasy of Death”

The Irregulars 1×07 “Chapter Seven: The Ecstasy of Death” sees Jessie fighting for her life and the team coming together.

‘The Irregulars’ 1×06 Review: “Chapter Six – Hieracium Snowdoniense”

The Irregulars 1×06 “Chapter Six – Hieracium Snowdoniense” blew every other episode out of the water with its weirdness and revelations.

‘The Irregulars’ 1×05 Review: “Chapter Five – Students of the Unhallowed Arts”

The Irregulars “Chapter Five: Students of the Unhallowed Arts” gave us answers to who in particular “The Irregulars” were and what happened to Alice, Sherlock, and John all those years ago.

‘The Irregulars’ 1×04 Review: “Chapter Four: Both the Needle and the Knife”

The Irregulars 1×04 “Chapter Four: Both the Needle and the Knife” gave us shippy goodness and reminded us of something we don’t have.

‘The Irregulars’ 1×03 Review: “Chapter Three – The Ipsissimus”

The Irregulars 1×03 “Chapter Three: The Ipsissimus” confirmed that ship options are a go in a spooky episode filled with answers!

‘The Irregulars’ 1×02 Review: “Chapter Two – The Ghosts of 221B”

The Irregulars “Chapter Two: The Ghosts of 221B” starts leaning heavily on the found family aspect of this show and the spookiness of it all.

‘The Irregulars’ 1×01 Review: “Chapter One – An Unkindness in London”

The Irregulars “Chapter Ones: An Unkindness in London” is the Sherlockian adventure I never knew I wanted.