TV giveth, TV take it away. That’s the deal not just with shows, but sometimes, with TV couples. We fall in love with two people, with their interaction, with the love they have for each other …and then they’re brutally taken away, via death, via leaving the show, or worse,Read More →


Today is the day where dreams come true. And fine, I’m being hyperbolic, because we all figured this was coming, it was only a matter of time – but The X-Files are coming back for a season 11, and with ten episodes this time, so you’ll forgive me a littleRead More →

It’s International Women’s Day, and though we here at Fangirlish would like to congratulate all the beautiful, strong ladies that read us, we’d also like to celebrate the strong women we all look up to. International Women’s Day is about being us, about being loud, bold, and happy – whateverRead More →

The X-Files is over and we’re not ok. Let’s talk about it. The X-Files season finale had an intro like no other. “My Struggle II” opened up with a recounting of Mulder and Scully’s journey through the paranormal and spooky. Photos and clips helped us remember their first time meeting,Read More →

Let’s start off by saying that The X-Files isn’t afraid to cover any topic that comes it’s way. In this revival of the series they’ve made it a point of addressing issues that affect our world today and technologies that we are afforded. “Babylon” showed the extremes of hate andRead More →

I always tend to judge episodes by the emotions they evoke in me. Sure, some episodes are better plotted, and some are better acted, but the mark of a brilliant episode, is in the emotions. My emotions, not the characters. By those standards, this episode of The X-Files wasn’t aRead More →

FOX sure knows how to up the stakes. Bring up the Alien DNA! On paper, debuting new footage for the last episode of this 6-episode revival of The X-Files during the Super Bowl was a bad idea. Everyone was busy watching the Half-Time Show, after all. Or, were they? Because, consideringRead More →

If you make them …they will watch? The expectation was: bring back a show like The X-Files, a cultural phenomenon back in the day, and enough people will watch that it’ll make it worthwhile. It won’t be a breakaway hit, but it’s at least something you don’t have to spendRead More →

Welcome back, The X-Files. Welcome back unexplained phenomena, welcome back Skinner with his awful poker face, welcome back Mulder jumping to conclusions. Welcome back, The X-Files. We’d really, really missed you. Episode Two couldn’t have been more different from the mythology-heavy episode one they tried. But, in this case, that’sRead More →

Next week. The X-Files premieres next week! Can you believe it? We can’t. It certainly feels like a dream. Or a fantasy. Because we’ve had fantasies like this one. Plenty of them. It’s been 13 years since the show went off-air, eight since we last had any new material fromRead More →