Another busy week in the world of the One Direction lads, with new music, new videos, and the end of one really big tour! So here is a recap for the week ending December 09, 2017. HARRY It has been a ground breaking and thrilling experience for Harry, taking onRead More →


This has been a busy week for our 1D lads, with performances, concerts, videos and announcements galore! So we’re going to get right to it for the 1D Chronicles for this week! HARRY Mr Styles has been busy this week, announcing upcoming appearances and performances on not only the AriaRead More →

The world of gaming is ever changing, rapidly progressing and conjuring new and fascinating concepts to the thrill of gamers worldwide. It is no longer simply single dimensional characters attempting to save a princess from a monster. Now, the worlds in which gaming immerses are just as diverse, equal andRead More →

The landscape of fantasy, science fiction and fandom is rapidly changing. No longer is being a nerd a negative, and love of such genres considered uncool. Geek is the new black, and with events such as San Diego Comic Con and Fanexpo taking nerdom to new levels each year, moreRead More →

Wattpad has never been one to stay still for long, the online orange landscape of writing and reading dominating all things web-word. In its 10 year existence, it has already launched the careers of NYT bestsellers, made partnerships with Universal, Paramount, Hachette and more, and was awarded as one ofRead More →

Well, that was short and sweet. Today, Friday June 2, was a day many fans of 1D crooner Liam Payne had been waiting for. The release for his debut music video for the tune ‘Strip that Down’ was scheduled to hit the online world. But, as with many things inRead More →