‘Shadowhunters’ 1×03 Recap: “Dead Man’s Party”

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  1. Guest says:

    I don’t really understand why you think Izzy is such a “slut” in this series. In the books she basically did the same stuff (without the sex because she was 16). In the books she knew how sexy she was and used it to her advantage (she wore short skirts and dresses for fighting, etc.). In the show, she does the same thing, but they just show her doing it (Plus she’s older so it’s perfectly normal for an 18 or 19 year old to have sex). What’s wrong with a girl having sex? NOTHING! There’s nothing wrong with it. Someone can be a strong character and like having sex. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Acting like they are is contributing to the problem of slut shaming. Congrats. You’re doing the same thing you’re trying to condem them for doing. I mean for god sake, Simon was getting it on with Camille and you aren’t calling him a slut or Camille a slut. I’ll be the first to admit the show isn’t perfect, but Izzy isn’t one of the problems considering she’s basically just like in the first book. Sure she evolved as a character, but this season (and we aren’t even halfway through) is basically one book of character development.

  2. alison gunn says:

    Spot on!! The writers have either never read the series, completely missed or are deliberately ignoring the fact that all Shadowhunters are warriors – – EQUALLY. When Isabelle told Clary she needs to learn to use her natural female superiority, she _wasn’t_ talking about using sex. She’s comfortable with her sexuality. That can be shown in ways not exposing more skin. Book Isabelle wore dresses, yes – but more often she was in jeans or gear similar to that worn by her brothers.
    I had a problem with the idea that “the mundane” is in the middle of a nest of vampires – so let’s go argue about rescuing him…..then go to the graveyard to get weapons,….then Alec has to go back to the Institute for his bow, and Izzy goes off to “interrogate” the seelie….while Jace teaches Clary how to use a blade, then go to a bar where she has to come on to a vampire (did she let him _bite_ her??!) so they can steal his motorcycle…..
    Simon could be a dry husk by the time they get their shit together.
    I _did_ like Raphael aiding them (sort of) getting Simon out of DuMort – – tho I missed the wolf attack.

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