Interview with Jenna Kingma – Star of Tour Group

On March 1, Bravo is debuting a new reality travel series Tour Group. In it, a group of eleven strangers go on a luxury trip around the world, visiting such destinations as Kenya, Morroco, Sri Lanka, and more. Jenna Kingma, one of the stars of the new series, is on a mission to reconnect with her twin sister as they travel the globe together, and see some of the world’s most exciting luxury destinations. Kingma answered our questions about the trip, her sister, her jewelry line, and what sets Tour Group apart from other shows below.



How has your athleticism and love for running influenced your approach to jewelry making and this new series?

I was a professional long distance runner and I gave it my all. I became a 3 time All-American with determination, dedication, and hard work. I now translate that same mental attitude towards my jewelry company, Jenna Michelle, to make it as successful as possible.

What has been your biggest influence for your jewelry designs?

My recent worldly travels that you will see on Bravo’s Tour Group have given me the confidence to follow my passion and start my own jewelry company, Jenna Michelle. I use the inspiration I get from each country I visit and materials I bought in our last destination, Tokyo.


What was your favorite place to visit while filming Tour Group?

Kenya was my favorite place on the trip, as it had a special place in my heart from being a runner. Kenya is the mecca for strong, fast, real runners. I felt at home there, with an immediate sense of ease, comfort, and kindness.


The series is also about forging a stronger relationship with your twin sister. What was the most surprising thing you learned or rediscovered about her?

My sister and I have always focused on how we are polar opposites. On this trip, however, I learned about our similarities. I learned that she can be sensitive like me, cry, and be vulnerable. We bonded more than ever on this trip.


During filming, what was your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment was getting to run with the Masai tribe in Kenya. It was something I could have only dreamed of. It was an honor to run with them.


What led you to the premise of Tour Group, and how did filming it with your sister come to be?

My sister asked me if I wanted to go on a, “Luxury trip around the world.” I responded, “Yes!!!!”


To you, what sets Tour Group apart from other travel shows?

Tour Group is unlike any other show in that it magnifies what it is like to travel with strangers while being out of your comfort zone in exotic places around the world. It isn’t the typical travel show about food or textbook facts; it is about an emotional journey with cultural experiences.


Check out Tour Group March 1 at 10p.m. ET.

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