‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Things We Need in Season 2

Do not panic, The Walking Dead fans. Fear The Walking Dead is here to soothe your hiatus aching heart. Before we join our survivors on the Abigail, let’s look through our wish-list for Season 2. We’ve got a MIGHTY need for pasts revealed, wadding in the water zombies, and some wardrobe changes.


1. Goodbye Grandpa Clothes

It’s been an entire season Nick. Please check out Strands home before heading onto Abigail. May we suggest something a little more fitting and with a little less tan. One of Strands suits might work!


2. Madison’s Past Revealed

There’s always been something a little jaded and mysterious with this woman. Something in her eyes tells of a darkness lurking underneath the surface, ready to protect her cubs. With nowhere to run on the Abigail, those secrets she’s keeping, will become even more apparent.


3. Walkers on The Sea

There’s nothing scarier than thinking you’re safe at sea and spotting something crawling up the rear deck of your yacht. Apparently walkers can’t swim but they sure as hell can float. Better keep a person on guard duty 24/7.


4. Blending of the Families

After having just lost his mother, Chris is going to need all the support he can get. Getting to know his family is going to get him through it all. Madison, Alicia, and Nick might not be his blood but they’ve proven they care for each other. Throw Travis in there and we’ve got the makings of family who won’t fall apart when times get rough.


5. Visiting Various Ports

Having a yacht is going to allow them to experience the zombie apocalypse in a completely different way. It’ll enable them to cover more ground and see the aftermath of once great cities.  Spoiler alert: They’re all burning to the ground.


6. Strands Motives Explored

Behind that tailored suit and smooth smile is a man hiding what he’s up to. He holds power over all those around him and sees opportunity at every turn. And let’s not forget his yacht Abigail. He had it on the ready as if anticipating the zombie plague.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 premieres tonight @ 9/8c on AMC.

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