'The Flash' Movie Loses Director Over 'Creative Differences'


As Warner Bros. continues to craft the Justice League on the big screen, one of those solo movies has lost its director.
The Flash movie has lost its director Seth Grahame-Smith due to “creative differences,” reports THR.com.
Also according to the report, the film will retain the script written by Grahame-Smith, which he wrote based on a treatment by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.
The Flash film stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (“The Flash”), who first appeared in this year’s blockbuster smash Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and will appear in next year’s Justice League Part One as the “fastest man alive.”
The film already has a release date scheduled for March 16, 2018, which leaves the project plenty of time to lock up a new director.
The Flash is slated to hit theaters in March 2018.

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