Could We See a Black Siren vs. White Canary Showdown?

While Laurel Lance met her tragic end on Arrow late in season four, that didn’t spell the end of Katie Cassidy within this Arrowverse. With The Flash exploring the idea of the multiverse, which included a heavy focus on Earth-2, we saw Cassidy return as Black Canary’s doppleganger Black Siren.
During a panel at MegaCon on May 29, a fan asked Cassidy about whether she’d like to see Black Siren face off against her sister Sara, the White Canary.
“Ooh yes,” Cassidy said about the suggestion.
With that idea put out in the universe both fans and the actresses themselves were excited about the thought.

On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s season one finale, we saw Sara Lance (Lotz) struggle with the news of her sister Laurel’s death. The two have now both had to experience the death of their sister – Laurel twice, and Sara once.
The idea of bringing Black Siren and White Canary face-to-face poses so many possibilities that would make for great television. The Lance sisters have always been that emotional connection that we never got enough of. Just the thought of watching Sara struggle with taking on someone who looks and sounds just like her sister makes us emotional.
When it comes to the vast DC universe on The CW, especially with The Flash introducing the multiverse and this idea of multiple Earths and dopplegangers, no one is truly gone from the show.
“With this universe what’s awesome about it is that anything can happen,” Cassidy said.
And in case you were wondering, Cassidy would absolutely love to return.
“I do hope there will be more,” she said.
While the Arrow producers remained firm in their stance that we’ve seen the last of Laurel Lance on Arrow, there’s still the possibility that Laurel Lance of Earth-2, aka Black Siren, could occasionally guest on The Flash or even make an appearance on Arrow
or Legends of Tomorrow, where Sara Lance calls home.

Cassidy brought Black Siren to life during The Flash’s penultimate episode that found Black Siren working with big bad Zoom to attempt to defeat the Flash and take this world for the metahumans. While Black Siren was eventually defeated, she wasn’t killed rather locked away in the pipeline which leaves the door open for Cassidy’s return.
“It adds another element to the character,” Cassidy said of playing Black Siren. “Plus it’s fun to play the villain.”
Would you like to see more of Black Siren in the Arrowverse?

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