‘Scarlet’ Being Developed for TV by Jessica Jones Co-Creator

At the ATX Television Festival this weekend, Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of Jessica Jones, announced that Scarlet was being developed for television. According to Deadline it’s being headed by HBO for release on Cinemax.

For those not familiar with the comic, it’s written by Brian and co-created with artist Alex Maleev. It tells the story of Scarlet Rue, a young woman from Oregon who rebels against a corrupt society. Through a series of events (that we don’t want to spoil you about) she ends up starting a new American revolution.

Scarlet stands out as a broken woman ready and willing to do what she must against the depravity around her, with a touch of breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool style.

So, are you ready for Scarlet?

Marvel's Scarlet Coming to Cinemax

What do you think about the promise of more badass women coming to our screens? Leave us your comments in the section below!

P.S. Check it out for purchase HERE.

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