Exclusive Interview with The Shannara Chronicles Author Terry Brooks (+ Contest)

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  1. Julie LL says:

    Allanon is by far my favorite. I love all the characters but Allanon’s character and all the druid lore that surrounds it is what drew me to both the books and the series. Hope to see more druid conflict to come. Pyria was a bonus, too. Unrequited Elf/Druid love anyone? YES!

  2. FunmbiE says:

    I haven’t read the SHANNARA books, but the TV series hooked me from the very first episode. My favorite character is a tie between Allanon and Uncle Ander. I love how competent Allanon is… he knows everything! And it was great to see Ander (kindhearted and fun, but a bit of a joker without real responsibility) step up and pick up the mantle of leadership.

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