Game of Thrones: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

Season six of Game of Thrones is in the books (we miss you already!), and with San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching it’s time to turn our attention to the next (and hopefully not last) season of the HBO drama. And, even though the season just ended, we have questions. We have a lot of them. And since we don’t anticipate George R. R Martin answering them for us anytime soon – we’re going to have to ask them to the cast and crew of the TV show.

Without further do, here are the five questions we want Game of Thrones to answer at San Diego Comic-Con:

Is season seven the last season? And, how many episodes will it have?

This show is based on books, after all. George R. R. Martin has promised us seven books. Does that mean we only get one more season of our favorite show? And, if so, how many episodes do we get? Ten? A little more? Can the final season be divided into two seasons with smaller episodes? For how long can we count on Westeros being part of our vocabulary?

R+ L = J is confirmed, right? Right?

I got it. Bran got it. Everyone got it – or at least, that’s what I thought in the few seconds after the revelation that Jon wasn’t really Ned Stark’s son, but his nephew, and that his sister Lyanna had asked him to take care of the boy and protect him from Robert. But then, the questions came. What if Jon wasn’t really Rhaegar’s son? What if there was another answer? What if?

Game of Thrones fans have lived on theories for twenty years, it’s no wonder they want to make this more complicated than it has to be. And though I, personally, might not need a confirmation – I already know the truth – I’d be nice to have this final confirmation. That way the conspiracy theorists can move on to other, more productive pursuits. Like…

Will Jaime become a Queenslayer as well as a Kingslayer?

Cersei is now Queen, and though it might seem she ended the season on a high, truth is, with Tommen gone, she’s now lost every last shred of humanity she had left. Jaime seems to realize this, and his final look to her, a she sat in the Iron Throne was one of apprehension and maybe, a bit of fear.

Everything else in the prophecy has come true – so Cersei being murdered by her valonqar (High Valyrian for little brother) will probably come true as well. Now the question is: Will it be Tyrion, the usual suspect, or will it be Jaime?

And, if we get a chance at a bonus question regarding Jaime, we have a few Brienne related ones that we’d love to get an answer to.

Not that they’d tell us.

Is a reunion of all living Stark siblings in the works? Will Bran need to destroy the Wall for that to happen? Is Arya truly Arya again?

Many questions at once, but the Starks siblings have been at the center of everything that’s happened in these books since the beginning, and though we enjoyed Jon and Sansa’s reunion more than words can express, we’re greedy for more. We want to see Jon and Arya embrace. We want to see Sansa meet up with Bran. We want the four of them to become a team. And if that means Bran’s mark will destroy the Wall as he makes his way down to Winterfell, well, so be it.

As long as Littlefinger doesn’t get into Sansa’s head and Arya proves to still be Arya, we’ll be happy. Sort of. Either way, we just need some Stark family information. Any information they’re willing to give us is good. We’re not picky.

Daenerys is coming – but where will she be heading first?

Yes, she’s got the ships, and the army, but when she finally gets to Westeros, where will Daenerys be heading for first? It would make sense to build a coalition before marching on King’s Landing, even if she has a lot of men. You don’t want to fight a battle on two, even three fronts. So, will she head for the North and Jon Snow? Will she make a quick stop in the Iron Islands to take care of the Euron problem? Are there any other allies to be had?

We have all the questions. And knowing the Game of Thrones cast and crew, we won’t get many answers. But that doesn’t keep us from hoping.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO. It’s currently on hiatus.

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