The Shannara Chronicles: 5 Things We’d Want Answered if They Were Going to SDCC

Bad news first. The Shannara Chronicles won’t be making an appearance at San Diego Comic Con. (Insert mournful sigh here.) The good news is that it hasn’t stopped us from coming up with questions IF they were appearing at SDCC!

1. What’s next for Eretria?

Last we left off Eretria was captured by a group of underground dwellers after heroically staying behind and facilitating Wil and Amberle’s escape. Instead of killing her they brought her to, what we can assume, is their leader. There was recognition in Eritrea’s eyes as soon as she saw the figure off screen. Could these people be her real family hiding in the shadows, watching her from afar, and finally making a move to bring her back into the fold? If not, is this the beginning of her journey to discover the significance of the mark on her back?

2. Will we ever get to see Amberle again?

Look, I know she’s a tree. I also know that there’s no coming back from this. Terry Brooks isn’t in the business of throwing a season’s worth of development out the window. A girl can dream a little, though! We watched her grow, fall in love, and make lifelong friendships with the most unexpected of people. There’s no way that this is the end of the line for her. They can speak to the tree by touching it right? Well touch that tree Wil and Eritrea! Your friend is still there!

3. What parts of a The Wishsong of Shannara will be in Season 2?

While the MTV series isn’t going to jump into the next novel, it will bring specific aspects of The Wishsong of Shannara into the series. Possible storylines could be: the black book know as Ildatch tempting and transforming those who use it into shadows of their former self, visiting the Silver River and meeting it’s king, or even the successor of Allanon now that Bandon is evil. They’ve got tons of options and we can’t wait to know what they’ll pick.

4. Are Eretria and Will going to get together?

Spoiler alert from the books, Eretria and Wil were the real romance of the Original Shannara series. While I love the creative turn they took with the Wil/Amberle romance, I’d like to see Wil and Eretria together. I want to see them grow, work, and save the world at each others sides. I want to see the walls that Eretria keeps around herself, come down by choice. And I’d like Wil to show her that the world isn’t just pain and disappointment. There’s love and happiness out there. Maybe when season two returns they can find these things together.

5. Is Bandon the next big bad?

Bandon is evil now. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But is he THE big bad of season two? With stories creeping in from The Wishsong of Shannara, we might be seeing something unique unfolding for this original character of the TV series. Either way, we hope that he doesn’t fall too far into temptation. Redemption is real Bandon. You just have to believe! (Like Tinkerbell.)

The Shannara Chronicles has been renewed for a second season on MTV.

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