Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Things We Want Answered at SDCC

If you’re like us, you’re suffering from walker withdrawal. The Walking Dead doesn’t start until the fall and Fear the Walking Dead has followed in its sister shows footsteps to leave us with a cliffhanger that left us yelling, “What?!” at our TV screens. (Both were truly painful moments.)

Fortunately, Fear the Walking Dead returns August 21st and the show is making it’s way to San Diego Comic Con in just under a week! To get us all ready for what’s to come here are 5 things we desperately want answered at SDCC!


1. Will our survivors ever reunite?

At the end of Shiva our survivors disbanded for various reasons. Right off the bat I want we want to know how long it’s going to take till they get the band together again? Is Fear the Walking Dead going to channel it’s sister show and make us suffer for the rest of the season with maybe’s and scenes that put them in extreme peril? *deep breath* We all know that the answer is yes but a girl can deny it a little longer can’t she?


2. Where is Nick going?

Last we saw of Nick he was walking away from his family, into a hoard of walkers, and covered in blood. (Really not the best visual to leave your mom with.) I understand that he wants to set out on his own but why now? Why in a world where he can’t phone his family to tell them that he’s alright? It’s irresponsible and I want to know where he’s going. Maybe he’s got some buddies we don’t know about? Or maybe he’s just a guy trying to “find himself” at the worst possible time? It’s probably the latter.


3. What’s next on Alicia’s journey to becoming a BAMF?

Alicia’s already proven herself to be willing to kill walkers, manipulate humans, and haggle with those closest to her in an effort to protect her family. She’s strong and a survivor. Now it’s time to ramp it up! Throw some action, drama, and death defying acts at her! Maybe her own personal journey into understanding this world separate from her family’s issues?

P.S. There’s no way that Fear the Walking Dead is going to ignore the amount of training that this actress did on The 100.


4. What will motivate Strand to survive?

Despite how selfish and self serving Strand presented himself in the beginning of the series, he was always coming home to Thomas Abigail. Now that the love of his life is gone, he needs a new reason to live and keep going. There’s no way that this is the end of Strand’s journey. It’s time to explore the man inside after everything’s been stripped away and throw some challenges in his way. We’re ready!


5. What’s the next big threat?

Now that Celia Flores is gone we’re in need of a new antagonist. It can’t be Victor Strand because he’s a marshmallow inside. And the walkers don’t count because that’s a constant and neverending obstacle for survivors of the apocalypse. So maybe it’s the military that arrive on the scene asking questions? Or how about a band of survivors who threaten our groups survival once they settle into a place to ride out the end of the world?

I’m thinking The Walking Dead prison from Season 3 but in Mexico. Don’t lie to yourself. You want it too.

Fear the Walking Dead returns for 2B August 21 @ 9p.m. on AMC.


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