The Vampire Diaries SDCC Interview: Michael Malarkey

Until Season 7, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Enzo. His character was always such an asshole in my opinion. He seemed like he wanted to be loved, but he was determined to hate everyone who tried to care.

We get it – all the characters in The Vampire Diaries have a set of baggage – well they have a train full of baggage. They have a million issues.

But something happened in season 7 – Enzo became redeemable. He let someone in. Season 7 made me like Enzo and made me like Bonnie.

Sitting down with Michael Malarkey at San Diego Comic Con was a treat.

We participated in round table interviews for the show in which he was kinda funny. I love his dry sense of humor.

We spoke about everything from the big evil to his relationship with Damon, “I would love for them to heal all their old crap and be friends again.”

We would love for them to be friends again too. But we’re more concerned about him and getting away from the evil that has overtaken his mind. So could Bonnie be the one to get him out of it?

“If anyone could, she could be the one to do it.” Malarkey said.

The Vampire Diaries returns this October on The CW for it’s final season.

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