5 Things We Learned from The Flash Panel at SDCC

Following last season’s shocking and game-changing season finale where Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother, literally everything has changed. As the show delves into Flashpoint in its third season we’re left as many questions coming away from Comic-Con as we did going into it. But following that sneak peek of the new season, this is definitely going to be one hell of a story.

While we don’t know everything that will happen when The Flash returns in October, the cast and producers did tease some things we can expect during their San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday. From two epic foes to the future of WestAllen to how Flashpoint will affect the DC universe, we got a taste of what we can expect this coming season.

Here are five things we learned from the The Flash panel at SDCC:

1. There Will Be Two Big Bads This Season

An intriguing and smart concept, The Flash will introduce two Big Bads this season. One of those Big Bads will be another speedster (to be named later), which seems to be the recurring theme. But the first Big Bad we’ll get to meet is Dr. Alchemy, who will serve as a formidable adversary for the entire cast of characters this season. He will be voiced by none other than Tobin Bell aka Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. So expect this guy to be beyond creepy.

2. Flashpoint Will Ripple Throughout the DC Universe

With Barry’s decision to go back in time to save his mother everything changed dramatically. The question heading into the seasons of all of these DC shows was not if but how this would ultimately affect each of these shows. Flashpoint will indeed affect Arrow specifically John Diggle – in a way that of course they’re keeping under wraps. Of course the extent of how Flashpoint will affect these shows continues to remain the central question as we head into October.


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3. Barry Isn’t Exactly Hating This New Timeline

Following Barry’s decision to go back in time to save his mother and affect the timeline, we pick up three months later where we find Barry in a state of “blind bliss.” He remembers everything that has happened, but it’s as if he’s choosing to focus on the fact that both of his parents are still alive rather than how other relationships in his life have been affected. For Barry, he believes that everything will eventually just right itself along the way. It’s that “good old Barry logic” as Grant Gustin joked. Something tells me that that’s not exactly the case here.

4. WestAllen is Destined to Happen

In just two seasons we’ve seen several different versions of Barry and Iris’ relationship on screen. And when season three begins we’ll add a new one to the list. While Barry can remember everything that has happened – including that declaration of love on the porch in the finale – Iris does not considering her future was altered. But fret not fellow WestAllen shippers, the executive producers reassured us that Barry and Iris will always find each other in any timeline.

5. Cisco is a Billionaire?!

While Flashpoint may have essentially affected how certain events have played out, at their core most of the characters have remained quite similar to their other-timeline self. But perhaps the biggest change heading into Flashpoint is how Cisco is a billionaire. His speciality is making money. No really. And he appears to be damn good at it. While Cisco might be different than we remember him, Carlos Valdes insisted that at his core Cisco is still Cisco.

The Flash season 3 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on The CW.

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