The Flash SDCC 2016 Interview: Keiynan Lonsdale

When Wally West was introduced last season on The Flash, the potential and possibility was already running through our minds as we anticipated how Wally’s journey would lead him to become his destined comic book counterpart Kid Flash. Granted we never thought it would happen as soon as season three. But it’s happening, and the fans and actor himself couldn’t be more excited.

“It was a dream come true,” Keiynan Lonsdale told us during a roundtable interview at SDCC.

With the introduction of Flashpoint we’re introduced to a new timeline where everything is different because of that one decision that Barry made to save his mother. In this timeline, Kid Flash is The Flash.

“With that being the case he’s content,” Lonsdale told us. “He’s doing what he feels he’s meant to be doing. He struggled last season not feeling worthy, not feeling really like he was a good person, and he had this strong need to help people. When we see him now, he’s that guy. He’s helping people; he’s never felt more himself; he’s never felt more sure.”

With there being a new Flash in this timeline, how does Kid Flash compare to Barry’s Flash?

“He’s not at that at the level that The Flash is at,” Lonsdale said. “But I don’t know if he knows that. But he’s still pretty badass. He’s happy. He’s confident. He’s very confident, maybe overconfident.”

Watch our interview with Lonsdale below where he discusses Kid Flash’s cockiness, the West family dynamic, and more.

The Flash season two premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on The CW.

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