Frequency SDCC 2016 Interview: Jeremy Carver & Jennifer Gwartz

We were already excited about Frequency before we had a chance to talk to it’s stars: Peyton List, Riley Smith and Mekhi Phifer – but after talking to them, we’re now over the moon. And so, when, in our final SDCC round-table for the show during San Diego Comic-Con, we had a chance to pick the brains of writer-producer Jeremy Carver and executive producer Jennifer Gwartz, let’s just say we were thrilled.

Especially when we got down to the bare bones, and the first thing Carver said about why the show would surprise audiences was dead on with our first impression of it: “I don’t think people are expecting it to be quite as emotional as it is.”

Trust us, he’s right. Even if you think you do, you don’t.

And yet, the aim is to keep the show “very very grounded and relatable” while still playing with those elements of sci-fi, and have it all be “about the emotions the characters are feeling” and maybe have that be the thing that makes you connect to them, instead of the time-travel elements that they introduce.

It’s not about how Raymi Sullivan and her father Frank can talk through time, it’s about a father-and-daughter relationship, and about two people that maybe lost each other, and not only found each other again, but have to work together.

Check out our full interview with Jeremy Carver &  Jennifer Gwartz  below and get ready to be surprised by Frequency:

Frequency premieres  Wednesday October 5th at 9/8c on the CW.

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