The Walking Dead: Season 6 Bonus Feature “Guts and Glory”

Every death matters on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Even Nicholas’ death. *ducks flying produce*

In preparation for The Walking Dead: Season 6 release, AMC has released a bonus feature featuring one of our favorite scenes: the Nicholas/Glenn dumpster scene.

For those who don’t remember, Nicholas and Glenn were trapped on top of a dumpster, walkers all around them! Nicholas took the cowardly way out and shot himself, before tumbling into the walker hoard with Glenn. For weeks we agonised over Glenn’s possible death. (Moment of silence for those weeks.)

What’s surprising about this bonus feature is that there’s an emphasis on Nicholas’ final acts as not cowardly but courageous. Without meaning too, Nicholas saved Glenn’s life when he fell on top of him. His death meant something like everyone else’s on this crazy show, despite his previous actions aka shooting Glenn and leaving Noah to die.

Still don’t love him, but I sure hate him a little less. After all, he was cornered and was scared out of his mind that the walkers would tear him apart. Whether we admit it or not, we might of done the same thing.

Check out The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season DVD Bonus Feature titled “Guts and Glory” below:

P.S. Greg Nicotero talks about playing a zombie and tearing apart Nicholas.

Anchor Bay’s release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD next Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016.

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