The Walking Dead 7×05 Review: The Rise of Maggie Rhee

When it really comes down to it, being a leader isn’t a popularity contest or a competition to see who can one up the other with vicious lies. True leadership is the ability to lead by example with humility and inspire people to create an environment where they feel safe, valued, and fulfilled. That is the kind of leadership that Maggie Rhee showed in The Walking Dead‘s “Go Getters.”

With Sasha and Jesus by her side, the clock is ticking until Gregory is out of a job, home, or power. This is the rise of Maggie Rhee and we couldn’t be happier that it’s finally arrived.

Maggie Rhee 2016: Hilltop Edition

I don’t think Gregory or the people of Hilltop are ready for a leader like Maggie. Her mentors include Hershel, Rick, Deanna, and the cruelty of the apocalypse. Mixed all together that leaves you with a fierce, loyal, kind, and realistic leader. They need someone like her if they’re going to live and not just “survive” Negan.

Maggie’s greatest strength lies in her ability to compartmentalize and snap back from pain. She just lost the love of her life in the cruelest way & almost lost her baby, and there she was standing on a trailer, shouting orders and running over cars with tractors. She knows that she needs to be more if she is to fortify this place and assure that baby Gleggie survives and thrives. So will be the father and mother of this child. She will take hold of this community and reshape it into something better, workable, and worthwhile. She will live.

Maggie will not let this world’s cruelty steal the good that she still sees in it.

Additionally, being pregnant on The Walking Dead isn’t going to make her an invalid. She isn’t going to be hushed to the side while the men do the work and be bed ridden until she pops out baby Gleggie. Instead, Maggie will be at the forefront gathering supporters and showing them how far she’s willing to go to protect Hilltop. She’s already garnered that loyalty from Sasha and Jesus. It won’t be too long before the others fall into place. Especially the thieving jerk, Gregory. He better fall into line real fast if he’s going to survive this new reign.

The reign of Maggie Rhee.

Sasha is Fierce and is Telling Pain to Go and Suck It

I feel like I’m looking at a completely different woman when I look at Sasha. Remember when Tyrese died? Remember how she fell apart and almost tore herself apart with her anger and disappointment at the world? That woman isn’t here. Abraham’s death hasn’t pushed her to the brink of doing something stupid or cliched. It’s brought her strength and clarity of mind. Sure the anger is still there, that’s why she sent Jesus to go and find where Negan lives. But she’s got bigger things to deal with than letting her anger consume her.

Her support of Maggie and willingness to scavenge for Hilltop, solidified the bond these two women have. It showed us and Maggie, that Sasha deems this woman worthy of her sacrifice and the possibility of getting bit. And sure they’ve been family for a while, but this is different. This is them separated from the main group. Them against the world or really Hilltop and Negan. They KNOW that the other has their back no matter what.

Sasha was the definition of a go getter in this episode. She wanted something from Gregory and she offered solutions. She wanted to protect the people of Hilltop and stop that car from attracting walkers and she hit the ground running. Sasha will not just stand idly by and watch the world try to tear her or her family down. She will be smart, cunning, loyal, and prove this world wrong. Pain doesn’t make you weaker or conquer you. You conquer it and become so strong that no one can use that pain against you ever again.

Jesus is Not a Leader and He’s Not Any Weaker For It

As soon as Gregory’s leadership was questioned, I was sure that The Walking Dead would push Jesus into a leadership position, robbing Maggie of her (SPOILER) future as a leader of Hilltop. Other shows push women to the backburner and deem us only worthy of the role of a lover or techie that gets things done. I should’ve remembered that The Walking Dead isn’t like other shows. This show has fierce and powerful women that bow down to no man or play second fiddle to the male lead.

Jesus asserted that he was not ready to be a leader for Hilltop. He’s there to have it’s back, but leadership isn’t in his bones. He sees the kind of leader Hilltop needs inside of Maggie. She might not see it yet but he sure as hell can. With this woman he trusts that their home can survive, flourish, and one day overcome the threat that is Negan.

What’s really interesting to note is that Jesus’ not wanting to take the role of leader doesn’t make him weak. He’s honest with himself, his capabilities, and what he wants in life. He’s not ashamed of having Maggie, a woman, in a position of power. Her gender does not diminish her ability to lead. Her arrival has given Jesus the strength to push back against the selfish prick known as Gregory, and stop living under his foolish thumb.

In Maggie he trusts. In Maggie we trust.

Additional Notes
  1. Admit it, you cried when you found out baby Gleggie was still there. In a way, a part of Glenn is still there with Maggie and with us. *sniffle*
  2. Carl and Enid’s kiss was sweet, despite my dislike of the melodramatic way their romance has been previously. Moments of happiness, like their 90’s rom/com roller skating sequence, are few and rare. The fact that they can still feel that happiness is a sign of their resilience and power to fight the darkness all around them.
  3. Carl learned how to drive from his mother. Probably learned how to rollerskate from his father, Malcolm in the Middle style.
  4. Negan retrofitted a car with a middle finger latch? That’s some commitment to strike fear into the heart of your “servants” while still being a jerk.
  5. We need more Kung Fu Jesus in our lives. Everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.
Favorite Scene from Go Getters:

The Richonne kiss was Michonne’s way of showing Rick that she had his back. She wasn’t mad at him or holding onto past resentments. She’s committed to what they have and will help them survive Negan.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.


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