5 Bravo Television Shows That Are Guilty Pleasure Television

Don’t get me wrong, I love good television. But every once in awhile I need an escape and I don’t apologize for it. My TV station of choice when I need an escape is Bravo. Cause let’s face it guys – there is nothing better than knowing someone else’s life is a lot more dramatic than yours.

At least that’s how I feel.

Now Bravo is known for being the home of The Real Housewives franchise, but there is so much more that that. Watching The Real Housewives is a good escape, but here’s 5 other shows that can feed your need for drama.

ladies-of-london-season-3-teaser-11Ladies of London

If you think that your girlfriends are bitchy, well they’ve got nothing on these ladies. I guess I just always thought that women with titles and money who lived in England knew how to be proper. But these women – well some of them – take caddy to all new heights.

Now, who takes the cake? That would be Caroline. Lord, you do not want to be on her bad side. She gets ANGRY. She’s the person that seems to get off on making you cry.

Seriously, if you thought your friends were bad – you watch an episode of Ladies of London and Caroline will make you feel like your friends are the best.

Million Dollar Listingmdlla-season-9-heather-and-josh-wedding-01

Do you feel like the man in your life is a whiny baby? Well here we go – it’s the show to make you feel better about your man. Cause there is a mix of every kind of man on this show.

You’ve got the kind hearted ones, the devious ones, the whiny bitches, and every once in awhile there is a person that is shopping for real estate that is a manly man. So you can look past the rest.

Also – this show makes you think about the house you want for yourself – so that’s good. Makes you dream big.

Don’t Be Tardydont-be-tardy-season-5-hero-507-5-things-kim-avoids-at-all-costs

Kim was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and we thought she was bat shit cray. But we were always wondering what kind of hair she has on under her wig. Not that you are going to see that on this show.

What you will get is a look at her family. And we don’t talk bad about kids – so we will let you come up with your own judgements on that.

We enjoy the show because it’s like – you have an impression of people and then you see them with family and you know that your impression may be way off. Don’t judge a party by it’s invitation.

below-deck-kate-chastain-towel-art-promoteBelow Deck

There is no way that I want to get on a yacht – cause I get sea sick. But the truth is after watching this show – there isn’t much that would get me back on the water.

The drama is intense and that’s from the crew. They make their guests look like they are saints.

And there is Kate. Who dear Lord, you’ll be thankful for your boss – even if they are a pain in the ass.

161027_3416545_the_survers_are_back_ Vanderpump Rules

Don’t let your parents watch this show if you want to move to LA. They will be like – Hell to the NO!

The drama. The sex. The backstabbing. It’s like watching grown ass people forget that they aren’t in high school anymore.

It’s also like you feel bad for your Grandma (sorry Lisa – we adore you) and want to beat everyone up for giving her stress.

Biggest lesson though – if someone is named Jax or Lala – run the other way.

What are your go to guilty shows? What do you watch to detox?


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