‘Pitch’ 1×08 Roundtable: ‘Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects’

Here at Fangirlish, we are absolutely smitten with FOX’s new baseball drama Pitch. A hopeful, empowering story with phenomenal production value, lots of positive representation and an entire cast of relatable characters, it stole our hearts in episode one and still hasn’t given them back.

Join Fangirlish writers Beata, Lizzie and Lyra as we discuss Pitch episode seven, San Francisco.

What were your overall thoughts on this episode?

Beata: It certainly wasn’t one of my favourites, but it was still enjoyable. It had some nice character moments and set up an epic season finale. I hope I get to see more of these characters in a second season because I am not ready to say goodbye to them. Not at all.

Lizzie:  I liked it. This show hasn’t done even one episode that I can say I didn’t enjoy, or much less one that bored me. I don’t think it was one of the high moments of the season, but it was an entertaining episode, it moved the plot along and it had some really good character moments for a lot of people – not just Ginny. And that’s much more than some other shows can pull off.

Lyra: Episode 8 felt like a filler episode but the good kind. Everyone had a part to play and the plot was progressed. Not a moment was wasted and we’re being set up for a fantastic season finale where Ginny will make her mark in a grand way. This show has been a pleasure to watch and I’d love to see more. Please give it more Fox. It deserves it!

This episode saw the return of Will Baker, as he made his debut in the current timeline. What did you think of his arc?

Beata: He’s completely incompetent. The guy is lucky his sister is rich and famous, because even with her help he is a disaster. I have absolutely no confidence that he’ll be able to pay off his debt and start his business without tons of help from Amelia and Ginny. I’m sure he’ll figure things out eventually, because this is a TV show and Ginny is a nice person, but I don’t trust him at all. And this whole thing is probably going to be a huge distraction for Ginnny, which only makes the situation worse.

Lizzie: I just …don’t completely trust him, and that just makes it hard to root for him. I want to believe he’s being 100% sincere and the reason he didn’t go see Ginny before was shame, but I’m like Amelia, I guess ….I’m wary. Not even of the fact that he wants to capitalize on Ginny’s fame, that’s just smart, and as long as she doesn’t mind, I don’t mind – it’s just that I don’t truly believe he’s put his problems behind. And Ginny doesn’t really need a distraction.

Lyra: I feel like this was the first time meeting Will Baker. He’s been hiding under his sister’s coattails for so long that now he’s had to go out there and fend for himself. Figures that he’s not doing well. Disturbingly enough he’s willing to manipulate his sister to start up a bar with debt collectors still nipping at his heels. He’s a disaster waiting to happen that I don’t trust at all. I thought he was someone she could depend on wholeheartedly, maybe Ginny thought so too. Now I think I’m wrong and that she needs to get away for her own good.

The session of Kangaroo Court led to Mike getting mad at Ginny and saying some pretty hurtful things. Do you think his frustration was justified? Was it in character?

Beata: I mean, I definitely understand where Mike is coming from. He’s going through a lot of stuff in the present, and I would be shocked if Ginny’s appearance on the team hadn’t caused a bit of frustration on his part. He’s used to being the star of the team, and now not only is he losing his job, this rookie is getting all the attention. Sure, he respects Ginny, and I don’t think he really meant all the things he said, but those horrible thoughts were there and they spilled out in a moment of frustration.

Lizzie: Justified, no, in character, yes. I mean, he was mad, he blew up at Ginny – and everyone else, for that matter, and it sucks, but it happens. Mike’s in the position where he’s seeing everything he’s worked for his entire career sort of switch and he’s trying to find a way to rearrange all he knows and wants, so a little emotion is on par for the course. I think everyone sort of understands that, gets that he’s talking from a place of frustration, and I don’t think it’ll affect any of his relationships negatively.

Lyra: Following Lizzie’s lead, that answer stealing woman! Justified, no, in character, yes. He wasn’t mad at Ginny. He was mad at the possibility of losing his position and team. Ginny became the easy target for his pent up anger. Who hasn’t blown up at someone before? Ginny’s reaction was what interested me. She was understanding and could see where the frustration was coming from. Ginny didn’t go the trope route and storm off without trying to figure out the situation. She was a friend.

Okay, I can’t delay this any longer: the elephant in the room. Mike leaving for Chicago. What are your thoughts on that development?

Beata: I really didn’t see it coming, and I’m kind of scared about the future of the show because of it. I assumed Mike season 2 journey would be figuring out what to do after baseball, but with him in Chicago, it looks like he won’t be a series regular at all. Actually, now that I write that out, I realize that Mike could always retire with the Cubs then immediately come back to San Francisco, so maybe that could still happen. From a sports standpoint, though, I totally get it. Mike is not needed on the Padres right now, and the man deserves a championship. This kind of thing happens all the time in sports, and it rarely works out as well as it inevitably will for Mike. It’s sad, but sometimes even your most loyal player decides he likes winning more than he likes you… *stares longingly at poster of Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza*

Lizzie: It makes sense from a baseball standpoint, it just doesn’t make sense from a show standpoint, so what do they do now? How do they continue to tell this story with Mike in Chicago if they get picked up for S2 (Which, hey FOX, Renew Pitch). Does Mike go to Chicago, win a WS, retire and come back as a coach? Does Livan get hurt and he never goes to Chicago? What happens? Because one thing I’m sure of is – this show wouldn’t be nearly as good without Mike Lawson in it.

Lyra: Since I know nothing about baseball, I’m gonna focus on how they were pushing Mike to change his mind and leave the team. It felt really forceful and underhanded. They were going to do anything they could to get him off the team and pave their way to a championship. (That’s the name right for when you win big in baseball?) At the end of it, Mike knew that either he made the choice to leave or they would make it for him.

One of the Padres players admitted to having a bit of a crush on Ginny. Are you okay with this? Do you think it spells trouble for the team? Also, do you think Bawson is going to happen?

Beata: I’m mostly worried about the stupid “I was distracted by her” excuse. If people suddenly get the idea that having a pretty girl on the team is a distraction, that’s going to end very badly. I’m not opposed to Ginny being in a relationship, even with one of her teammates, but not if drama ensues and people start asking of having a girl on the team is a recipe for disaster. Also, I’m still not enjoying Bawson. Their bromance is amazing. Keep it at that.

Lizzie: It makes a sick sort of sense to me, because those things sometimes happen. You spend a lot of time with someone, sometimes you get ill-advised crushes. I don’t think Omar was letting it affect the team that much, other than with his silly lie, so for now, I’m perfectly happy with it. It did give us that wonderful scene of Mike trying to explain why Omar was NOT in love with Ginny, so, how can I complain?

As for Bawson – probably. Not sure they’re really going to go for it yet, I’m all for shows exploring relationships and growth within those relationships, but it feels a tad rushed.  But then again, sometimes people rush in real life, and sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t. I trust these writers. I’m on board with whatever they want to give me.

Lyra: I don’t think the crush spells trouble for the team. It’s just a little crush that…TOTALLY SPARKED THE BAWSON TRAIN! Did you see Mike’s face as he named off all the wonderful and amusing things he knew about Ginny? Or Blip’s face when he finished naming them? Something’s been awakened in Mike. Maybe he’ll make a move now that he’s possibly going to Chicago?

Finally,  with Mike leaving for Chicago, the Padres are now without a captain. Do you have any predictions for who will take up the mantle?

Beata: I really really really hope it’s Blip. He’s going to be around for awhile, he’s one of the best players on the team, and he just has the right personality for it. However, knowing sports, I’m kind of scared they’re going to consider Ginny because of how famous she is, and that sounds like a terrible idea. I love Ginny, but she doesn’t need that extra weight on her shoulders. Blip is the best choice, for sure.

Lizzie:  Blip, for sure. Though I still don’t fully trust that Mike’s really leaving. I’m gonna wait till I see him in a Cubs uniform, and then maybe. Maybe.

Lyra: I have no idea how sports works or how they decide who takes Mike’s place. I’ll follow Lizzie’s lead and say Blip cuz why not! As for Mike, he’s not leaving. Nooooooo. You can’t do this to me Pitch. I thought we had an understanding? I thought you knew I loved you and you would keep Mike safe for me at Petco Park? I was wrong. T.T

Pitch airs Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

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