10 Reasons We Love Timeless

We feel in love with Timeless from the beginning – before that, even, as we were lucky enough to get an early glimpse at what was to become one of our new obsessions. But even then, we couldn’t have predicted we’d love the show this much.

Sure, it’s always been fun, and it’s always been instructive, but with every episode that passes this show gives us a better-defined and badass female lead, an OTP that brings all the FEELS, a diverse cast, a villain that’s anything but one-dimensional and an OT3 that redefines the meaning of family.

And today, we’re counting down the reasons we love this show. The reasons you should love it too. And we hope that, if you haven’t yet given it a chance, we can convince you to start.

Timeless - “Atomic City”

1. It teaches us history

And it does so in a way that’s not boring! We all like learning, of course, but we don’t want our entertainment to feel like a lesson. And yet, this show never feels like a chore, no, because it does a good job of combining the history with the action, the plot and the interpersonal relationship. It all feels like fun. And there’s no better way to learn!

Timeless - “Stranded”

2. Dynamic Between Time Team

Timeless works because of the dynamic that it has introduced and continues to nurture with Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. There’s such an organic rapport between the three that you know translates offscreen, as well. They each contribute a specific skill to the team. But they also contribute something as individuals, as well. Lucy is the heart; Wyatt is the protector; and Rufus is the light. It’s remarkable how much this dynamic has resonated with the audience. It’s not something you can manufacture. It’s lightning in a bottle, and we’re so blessed to get to witness it week after week on our screens.

3. Lyatt

You don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you. And that sentiment could not be more true for Timeless’s Lucy and Wyatt. They were a ship that, back when we saw the pilot in July, that instantly charmed us and soon had us losing our fangirling minds. The organic chemistry between Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter helps breathe life into a pairing who was, you could say, brought together by fate. They represent everything that we love in a couple: two remarkably unique individuals who respect, care, and challenge each other. Every look conveys a thousand words. Every moment thrives in its significance. And we love the pacing of their relationship. We feel truly blessed to have met this couple on television this season.

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4. Questionable Villain(s)

It’s refreshing to watch a show that makes you question what you think is happening, as well as questioning morality in general. Timeless was set-up with Garcia Flynn as the villain. While he’s more antagonist than villain, the show took no time in introducing Rittenhouse, which Flynn claimed was the real villain of this story. But it was easy to doubt our than singular antagonist. Clearly that’s what he believed. But as Timeless continued to weave its tale we found ourselves questioning if perhaps Flynn was right. And we saw that he was. But Flynn, to varying degrees, remains an antagonist. Timeless continues to blow our minds as we, along with the Time Team, try to determine what’s wrong and what’s right.

5. Getting to see historical figures

One of the things that makes time travel shows so enticing is that they transfer us to certain moments in history and introduce us to their versions of these famous historical figures. Whether it’s George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or Bonnie & Clyde, Timeless has had no shortage of historic rockstars in their line-up. The added bonus, of course, is getting to see Lucy’s reaction to meeting these people. She gets that starstruck feeling that we would get if we were in her shoes or if we met our favorite celebrities. To Lucy, these historical figures are her celebrities.

6. Diversity is acknowledged and yet treated like the norm

It’s one thing to have a diverse cast – and it should be the norm these days, not the exception, it’s another to treat diversity as the norm while still pointing out that the lessons of the past indicate that we’ve come far, but we still have a long way to go. In a way, Timeless has an advantage – a time machine gives you the opportunity to showcase different eras, to point out what has changed and what hasn’t, and yet, the show still needed to take advantage of the opportunity to take a stand. Have they done so? Yes. Can they still do more? You betcha.

Which is exactly why we need more.

7. Costumes/Set – it looks real!

From the start, Timeless has wowed us with its vivid and realistic sets and costumes that take us on a journey with the characters. Sometimes with time travel or period shows, you can tell that these are actors on a set. But Timeless is a show that literally puts you in the historic moments that we’ve mostly only heard of or read about in books. And don’t even get us started on the costumes. That’s another element that’s hard to perfect, but Timeless has done it in a way that’s honest to the time period instead of taking those moments to up the sex appeal of the characters. It looks real. And it feels real.

Timeless - “Party at Castle Varlar”

8. Rufus is not a sidekick

A dumber show would have focused on the Lucy/Wyatt OTP and pushed Rufus to the side. And yet, Timeless has done precisely the opposite of that, they’ve worked to sell us the OT3 before the OTP, and though they’ve established the spark of possibility between Lyatt, they’ve never pushed Rufus to the background to do so. He’s still Lucy’s friend and confidant, he’s still  Wyatt’s partner and he’s still the funniest person in the show – nay, possibly the universe.

They’re a team – and that’s the most important dynamic of season 1.

Timeless - “Party at Castle Varlar”

9. Lucy is not a doormat

Lucy the history teacher could have gone many ways – she could have been a timid female with a lot of book knowledge and no spark, or she could have been too gung-ho about getting into fights in a way that would have made her not just unbelievable, but hard to relate to. And yet, Lucy has struck just the right balance, and in doing so, has become a role model. She’s not perfect, she doesn’t have it all figured out, and yes, sometimes she’s afraid. But she never gives up. She keeps fighting. And that’s why she’s a hero.

Timeless - “The Alamo”

10. Wyatt is not your typical white male protagonist

Wyatt was probably the hardest character to get right, because he had to be a badass, but he couldn’t be the type of guy who believed he alone had all the answers, or that dismissed the rest of the team. He had to be a strong guy, and yet one who could depend on others, who could accept someone else saving the day. He had to encapsulate the 2017 version of our male heroes. And he does. Imagine that.

Timeless airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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