Tom Hiddleston Dishes on “Hiddleswift”


Taylor Swifts relationships are under more scrutiny than anyone should have to endure. We don’t envy her. If it was a male celebrity, it wouldn’t be the same scrutiny. However, for Taylor – everything is under scrutiny. If we hear the term “Hiddleswift” again anytime soon it would be too soon. But hey – it’s not because we didn’t love those two together, cause we did.

The thing is we never know what to expect when it comes to Taylor. The reason we don’t want to hear Hiddleswift again anytime soon? Because we think that she deserves the benefit of the doubt and we were tired of all the scrutiny that her relationship was under.

Hey, Tom Hiddleston isn’t screwing or dating us, so we really don’t deserve to know about the relationship. But Hiddleston is dishing on their relationship and we are listening.

In his never interview with GQ the actor dishes on Taylor. Now all of those comments on their relationship should be put to rest.

On his relationship with Taylor: “Taylor is an amazing woman. She’s generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best time. Of course it was real….So we decided to go out for dinner, we decided to travel…She’s incredible. A relationship in the limelight…A relationship always takes work. And it’s not just the limelight. It’s everything else.”

On the theory that their relationship was fake:
“I have to be so psychologically strong about not letting other people’s interpretations about my life affect my life. A relationship exists between two people. We will always know what it was. The narratives that are out there altogether have been extrapolated from pictures that were taken without consent or permission, with no context. Nobody had the context for that story. I’m still trying to work out a way of having a personal life and protecting it, but also without hiding. So the hardest thing is that that was a joke among friends on the Fourth of July…I just, I was surprised. I was just surprised that it got so much attention. The tank top became an emblem of this thing.”

On the infamous “I ❤️ T.S.” tank top: “The truth is, it was the Fourth of July and a public holiday and we were playing a game and I slipped and hurt my back. And I wanted to protect the graze from the sun and said, ’Does anyone have a T-shirt?’ And one of her friends said, ’I’ve got this.’ ” The friend pulled out the “I ♥ T.S.” tank top that Taylor’s friends are contractually obligated to own. “And we all laughed about it. It was a joke.”

We’re sure you want to know more about Tom, so read his complete interview here. 

Featured Photo: GQ

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