Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Okay, We Can Kinda See It

Taylor Swift and Tavis Kelce? Okay, okay. We’re not totally on board yet, but I guess we can kinda see why it could work.

Will The ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Be Eligible For Best Documentary Oscar?

We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to October. Why? Well that’s easy – a return to The Eras Tour. If you’ve been to see The Eras Tour or are a Swiftie, you know that you can’t wait…

Taylor Swift’s Song to Feature in Upcoming Thriller ‘Wilderness’

Taylor Swift is debuting a song in the opening credits of the new thriller Wilderness, coming to Prime Video.

Meghann Fahy Talks About Her Reaction To The First Time She Met Taylor Swift

It’s the dream to meet Taylor Swift. Like a lot of us Swifties, we’ve imagined what it would be like, how kind she would be, and what we’d talk about. We’d ask about something great, right? The reality is we’d…

Taylor Swift Comments On Suki Waterhouse’s Music & Their Friendship

Always be your friends biggest hype person. They deserve it. Don’t forget that.

Taylor Swift Promises To Make And Release As Many Albums As “Humanly Possible”

Taylor Swift Promises To Make And Release As Many Albums As “Humanly Possible” & We Promise To Buy Them

Gigi Hadid Attends Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour In Santa Clara

Gigi Hadid and Patrick Ta attending ‘The Eras Tour’ in Santa Clara is giving us life.

Taylor Swift Makes History – Again

Taylor Swift has made music history — again. At this point, that feels like an everyday thing, doesn’t it? But what did she do now?

Joey King & Presley Cash Post Behind The Scenes Videos & Pics From Taylor Swift’s Concert

Joey King posts some behind the scenes pics of her time at Taylor Swift’s concert. We’re loving all the pics and videos.

Taylor Swift Releases Music Video For ‘I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)’

Taylor Swift doesn’t ask you what you need… she just knows. And we definitely needed the video for I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)!

Taylor Swift Plays ‘Dear John’ For The First Time In Years & Gives An Introduction No One Expected

Taylor Swift is NOT releasing #SpeakNowTV for Swifties to do this & we should all honor her and not do this

Taylor Swift Confirms Her Next Single At Latest Eras Tour Stop

Taylor Swift announces her next single and well, it’s from the #lovers album. We’re surprised too, but also excited.

Taylor Swift Releases Track List For ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’

Taylor’s version of #SpeakNow is everything we want and we want it now

Taylor Swift Is The Happiest She’s Ever Been

Can we all remember just because a woman says she’s the happiest she’s ever been it doesn’t mean that it’s about a man… #justsaying

Taylor Swift Tells Security Guard To ‘Stop!’ & Defends Fans At Eras Tour Performance

Taylor Swift Tells Security Guard To ‘Stop!’ & Defends Fans At Eras Tour Performance. God, we love her!

Taylor Swift Announces ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’

Wait, there’s a rumor that Taylor Swift is releasing a memoir, and this is a rumor that we’re going to need to be true. Like for real, it needs to be true.

The ‘Lavender Haze’ Music Video A “Sultry, Sleepless 70s Fever Dream” Says Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a genius and an amazing storyteller. Her #LavenderHaze music video is amazing. See it here!

Taylor Swift Announces New Music Video

Taylor Swift is giving us a new video — you guessed it, at midnight! And to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sadie Sink Says Taylor Swift Has An Eye For Filmmaking

When you reflect on 2022, what are some of your favorite things that happened in 2022? One of our favorites has been learning more about the All To Well Short Film. Say what you want, but that movie is gold…

Taylor Swift Has a New Unexpected Project and We’re In!

Taylor Swift is multifaceted and it’s one of the reasons we love her. However, we didn’t see her new project coming! Take a look with us.

Taylor Swift Releases Behind The Scenes Footage From The ‘All Too Well: The Short Film’ Shoot

We love all of the behind the scenes footage we can see from all of the projects that we love. So yes, we love this BTS from the #AllToWell Short Film!