Bravo’s Imposters Will Make You Think Twice About Falling In Love

Bravo’s Imposters will make you think twice about getting married. Seriously. Like you think that you know someone and then they clean out all your money, credit, and dig up dirt on your family in order to make you not want to talk.

At least that’s what happened on the first episode. We learned so much about love and what not to fall for from the first episode.

Always Do A Background Check On People – Ezra got married to someone he had known for a year. He seemed to have known limited people in her life, thought she was from Belgium, but did her really know her? Ummm… after 29 days of marriage she cleaned bank, so I am gonna go with a hard no.

Always Keep A Secret Bank Account – She cleaned house – took Ezra for 1.4 million. He was left with NOTHING. He loved her so much that he gave her access to everything. Nope, slow down boy. Keep a secret bank account, cause you never know who is gonna come for you.

Run Facial Recognition On Anyone You Want to Marry – In case running a background check isn’t enough – find a way to do facial recognition. Make sure that ass isn’t hiding something.

You Really Never Know Everything – Nope. Love is one thing, but do you really ever know anyone? Me thinks not. So what do you have to do? Always leave a little guard up, because you never truly know everything. People be lying man.

Photos and synopsis for the second episode have been released.

Maddie has plunged into her next identity as Saffron, setting her sights on the fortune of banking executive Gary. Though she’s not attracted to him in the same way she was Ezra and Richard, Maddie is comfortable enough as a con-artist to be able to do her job while making things fun for herself. The money at the end of the tunnel might be motivation enough to go through with every job she gets, but things go much easier if she has something that helps her give the appearance of loving each mark, something that she can use as a more short-term motivator to keep her focused on leading her mark down the rabbit hole. Not only will going a bit off scripted help her needle The Doctor without Max and Sally around to temper her rebellion, it makes the job a bit more interesting given the emotional distance she has to keep. But while Maddie plots and schemes on stay focused and present during this job, she’s drawn in by enigmatic Patrick, who she met at the cafe upon assuming her Saffron identity. Only this time, in their game of cat and mouse, she doesn’t have as much control as she’d like.

Elsewhere on Imposters, Ezra and Richard discover that they’re not the only ones who’ve been conned by Maddie/Ava/Alice, as they come into contact with a third spouse.

Imposters airs Tuesdays at 10:00 on Bravo.

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