7 Questions We Have About Shadowhunters “Love Is A Devil”

(Freeform/John Medland)


When we’re getting teased with the possibility of the Climon ship coming – you have piqued our interest. The reason is two fold (1) Alberto Rosende is amazing and deserves a great storyline and (2) Clary and Simon dating changes so much in their friendship for the better.

However, seeing Maryse back – acting like we give two shits about her (we don’t, she’s mean – so…) and trying to hurt Jace? We’re okay.

Monday’s episode of Shadowhunters is entitled, “Love is a Devil.” If you’ve ever been in love and even if you haven’t – you know that is true.

So we have questions –

  1. Are we going to get Climon?
  2. What traditions is Alec trying to change?
  3. Are we going to have to deal with Raphael and Izzy? (we know we will, but hey – we’re hoping that’s just not gonna happen)
  4. Is Aldertree going to react well to Raphael and Izzy?
  5. How will Alec and Magnus’s relationship have changed after taking the next step?
  6. Why is Alec standing on a ledge looking like he’s gonna jump?
  7. Why is Jace talking about Alec getting hurt? Is he talking to Magnus?


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Here’s the official synopsis of the episode is –

Tasked with arranging his brother Max’s Rune Ceremony, Alec decides this would be the perfect opportunity for his family to get to know Magnus. But with tensions flying among the different Shadowhunters, Max’s big event quickly becomes an evening where they all must face their biggest fears.

Meanwhile, Simon makes a bold move as Isabelle finds an unlikely new ally.


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