5 Things to Expect from Once Upon A Time’s “Tougher than the Rest”

A new episode of Once Upon A Time is almost here. Can you feel it? Can you even remember what happened in the mid-season finale? I had a hard time remembering. (And I’m one of those annoying people who remembers everything). It’s been that long.

(Why is it always this long? Why?)

But, for now, our favorite fairy tale show will be back on the air on March 5th, and as we’ve had the chance to watch the mid-season premiere, aptly titled “Tougher than the Rest,” we’re going to give you a taste of what you can expect. Just, a non-spoilery taste – but a taste nonetheless.

Here’s 5 things you can expect from the mid-season premiere of Once Upon A Time:

Emma backstory

Not the type you expect – this one has to do with how she became Emma Swan in name, not in personality.  And though the revelation will seem obvious to some, it caught me completely off guard. Maybe there is something to be said about hiding answers in the more obvious places.

Oh, and I can also tease this: McKenna Grace is adorable as little Emma.

A different – and still attractive – version of Hook

If the idea was to make Colin O’Donoghue unattractive, we’re here to report they failed completely. We’re not even sure that such a thing is possible. And though the wish-realm version of Hook is not exactly like our beloved Captain, he gives off a Jack Sparrow vibe that had us laughing out loud for every second he was on screen as his alter ego.

Bonus: Jennifer Morrison’s face. You can see she and Colin had a blast filming that particular scene.

Outlaw Queen scenes with some emotional resonance

Even when he was alive, the last season for Robin Hood consisted of mainly standing in the background and then, of course, getting killed. There was hardly anything for Sean Maguire to do, nothing that made us connect emotionally to Robin – only to Regina. In this episode, however, though Regina is the one asking the questions, Robin’s answers somehow manage something the show hadn’t achieved in a while: to make us focus on him, all while also making us feel the pain of what these two could have been.

Rumbelle finally seeing eye to eye on something

It’s been a while since Rumple and Belle have been on good terms, much less had a common cause. And now there’s Gideon, the son that was meant to bring them together and ultimately ripped them apart for good. Or did he? Romantic vibes aside (and those will always exist, but the show doesn’t seem to be focusing on them right now), Rumple and Belle have finally found the one thing that’s more important than their feelings and all the pain they’ve caused each other (and by each other I mean mostly Rumple to Belle) – their son.

A whole lot of August

It’s been a while since we’ve seen as much August as this episode provides – and though I personally have a bone to pick with him for the whole abandoning Emma thing (no, your reasons aren’t good enough, no I’m not letting you off the hook), this episode does present a look into his state of mind that might leave some people feeling a tad more sympathetic towards the man-formerly-known-as-Pinocchio.

Are you excited for the mid-season premiere of Once Upon A Time? Do you have any pressing questions about what’s coming? Ask in the comments below! We promise we’ll do our best to answer – as long as it’s not too spoilery.

Once Upon A Time returns Sunday March 5th at 8/7c on ABC.

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