iZombie 3×01 Review: Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother

iZombie is expanding it’s world in it’s Season 3 premiere, entitled ‘Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother’. In contrast to it’s title, things haven’t gotten any smoother. If anything, things have only gotten more complicated as the iZombie world gets blown open and we’re thrown into new and frightening territory.

For two seasons iZombie has contained the amount of zombies we’ve been exposed to. They’ve made it seem like being part of Team Z was a few and far in between situation. This Season 3 Premiere blew that notion out of the water by exposing an entire company of zombies setting up for the upcoming Z-War against humans.

The stakes are higher for Liv and everyone in her life as she tries to balance who she is with what is expected of her by other zombies because she is a zombie. I’m looking at you Vivian Stoll. Still, there’s no doubt in my mind that worse comes to worse, Liv Moore will choose her family & friends above anything or anyone else.

Diving into Unknown Zombie Waters

Unlike Vivian, Liv Moore loves and respects the humans around her. They’re her family and she’ll do anything to protect them and their choice to stay human. Even if it means going undercover and accepting Vivian’s offer to do her part for her zombie people.

The past two seasons have been about self-discovery for Liv. She’s discovered a new career path, what kind of woman she is, and taken risks that she would’ve never taken before. This season, everything she’s learned so far, will be tested and she’ll have to decide if being human is still something she wants with a threat like Vivian around.

Luckily for her, Clive knowing makes things easier. She won’t have to waste time trying to hide things from him because he’ll be right by her side giving her the perspective and guidance she needs. Liv’s diving into unknown waters now and his support is one of the things that will keep her afloat as things spiral out of control via Vivian and her Z-War initiative.

A Zombie War is Coming? You Sure?

Let’s start off by saying that I’m over the moon that the villain of this season is a woman. And not just any woman. She’s smart, determined, beautiful, seemingly caring, and the head of her own company. This is a zombie woman in charge!

Now onto the more devious side of her and that seemingly caring remark. I think she killed that zombie family to get Liv on her side and show her zombie people that there is a real threat out there and they need to be on her side. Two birds, one stone, right?

She’s gearing up for a war that might be of her own creation and she doesn’t care who she has to use to prepare her people. Even if it means sacrificing a few of her own. To top it off, there’s an air of superiority about her, as if zombies are better than humans. Newsflash, you wouldn’t be able to survive without humans.

Whatever comes next, it’s going to be a disaster of her own making. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s greasing the wheels for the Z-War with humans like Chuck Burd on her side.

Jealousy is an Ugly Color, Ravi

Ravi is acting like a child. I understand his feelings are hurt because Peyton is not reciprocating his feelings and she slept with Blaine. But Peyton doesn’t owe him an explanation of deserve his scorn. Peyton did not sleep with Blaine as a personal slight to Ravi but he’s acting like she did.

For the first time ever on this show I’m not liking Ravi. He’s coming off as entitled and as if his feelings were the only ones that were hurt. Imagine finding out the person you slept with killed a bunch of kids and has been Liv’s enemy for a good while?! Imagine trying to figure out what kind of person of you are that you were attracted to that?!

Ravi needs to hop off of his high horse and treat his friend with some common courtesy and respect. She reached out to him to mend some of these hurt feelings and he didn’t answer. He has no right to be mad if she seeks out other forms of comfort and puts herself first.

Peyton’s a grown ass woman and you’re a grown ass man. Start acting like it.

Check out the trailer for next week’s iZombie:

iZombie airs Tuedays at 9/8c on The CW.

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