Famous In Love 1×01 Recap: “Pilot”

If you’ve been on Twitter or turned on Freeform over the past few months, then you’ve probably seen how everyone is talking about the new show Famous in Love. Since you’re here reading this, that means that you were smart and tuned in to the series premiere and want to relive all of the magic or you missed it and want to catch up. As a fan of the books (Famous in Love and Truly Madly Famously) written by the wonderful Rebecca Serle, I have been impatiently waiting for this show to grace my television. I am thrilled that I get to write these recaps for you all every single week. Well, enough of this. This recap is going to be a long one because I want to dive into every single thing that happened. Let’s jump right in!

First off, we meet Paige Townsen on a private jet, signing an autograph for her flight attendant. Once she lands and is headed to her car, Paige is bombarded by a sea of paparazzi begging her to give them the scoop on her love life. Paige finds a quick moment of refuge in her car, but then her driver points out that she is on the cover of US Weekly. It seems like Paige Townsen’s career is skyrocketing. I wonder how she got there…

Just a short year earlier, Paige is definitely a lot less famous. She’s living with her two best friends Jake and Cassie; they are some college students scraping by. Cassie (We later learn that her full name is Cassandra Perkins.) really wants to go to the Locked auditions. She swears that it’s “the biggest book series since Harry Potter.” Cassie pushes and pushes because she knows that Paige wants to be an actress. Paige hasn’t acted on those dreams and instead is taking Economics classes. With a little extra nudge from Jake, Paige caves and agrees to go to the audition with her very bubbly best friend. Cassie suggests that they go shopping for something to wear at the audition but leave the tags on so they can return the clothes the next day. Smart plan! I’m actually jealous that I haven’t thought of that before.

The next character we are introduced to is my personal favorite from the books – Rainer Devon. Rainer seems to be having a nice time with a girl on his couch when we first meet him. They are interrupted by Inside the Town with Barrett Hopper, a Hollywood gossip show on Rainer’s TV, that is talking about a fight Rainer had with a guy named Jordan Wilder. Through the show’s host, we learn that Rainer and Jordan used to be BFFs. Oh, we also learn that Rainer has a girlfriend and she’s not the girl he’s making out with on his couch. Her name is Tangey Turner, and she is a very successful singer. We don’t really get to see her much in the first episode, but I am sure we will be seeing much more of her in the future. When the girl with Rainer asks why he hasn’t just apologized to Jordan, he responds, “I don’t need to. He knows what he did.” She seems to be fine with that answer and then asks Rainer if he could get her some tickets to Tangey’s next show.

In walks Nina Devon. She’s a producer, a fixer, a mother, a powerhouse, a boss…and a lover, but more on that later. She badgers her son about whether he had the girl sign a confidentiality agreement, which he did, and assures him that she will handle Barrett. Nina also seems to be concerned about her son and whether he is drinking again. He swears he’s not. She wants to believe him, but she needs him to be at his very best becasue she gave him the lead in Locked. Nina then drops a bombshell on her son: In order to ensure that the movie is a hit, she sent the script to Jordan. Uh oh!

At the audition, Paige is snorting, babbling, and letting everyone know that there is no “d” at the end of her name. Rainer bumps into Jordan on the way to the audition. You can feel the tension between the two of them; it is palpable through the screen. It’s also important to note that Jordan is sporting a black eye. Inside the room, the director Wyatt is demanding a real actress for the very complex role of August. Though the open audition is simply a publicity stunt. The team already has two actresses in mind, Dakota and Alexis. Rainer may have someone else in mind. He caught a glimpse of Paige acting all goofy through a nearby window. Paige goes in and absolutely KILLS her audition. She tells Cassie something really important whenever Cassie asked her how the audition went. She says, “I don’t know if they believed me, but I believed me.”

Nina goes to meet Barrett for a very eventful lunch. Nina knows the host of the restaurant because of course she’s been there a thousand times before. Through a quick conversation between her and Tommy (the host), we learn that Barrett used to work for Nina. This lunch takes a turn for the dangerous when Barrett starts digging himself into a very deep hole by bringing up Rainer and his sobriety or lack thereof. Mama Devon’s mama-bear claws show as she protects her son, “My son hasn’t had a drink in over a year.” Barrett wants to use Rainer and his “drama” to launch his career but Nina is NOT having it. She throws out a fear career-ending threats as she grabs his balls under the table. On the way out, she suggest that Tommy get Barrett some ice. She also notices Jordan being swarmed by paparazzi before getting on his motorcycle. MOTORCYCLE! Jordan has a motorcycle!

Paige and Cassie are for some unknown reason having a great time folding laundry at the laundrimat after the audition. Cassie’s dead grandma’s vintage dress becomes the topic of conversation when Cassie tells Paige that she’s wearing it in Jake’s play because he wants everyone to dress period. “He’s so smart,” Paige immediately blurts out. Cassie responds with a knowing look and then starts carrying some laundry out to the car. That’s where Brody comes in. Brody is a man who appears to be older than Cassie, calls Cassie “Lacey,” knows “Lacey” well enough that he was just about to call her, and wants “Lacey” to invite Paige the next time she visits him because he’s “a the more, the merrier kind of guy.” EW! Cassie swears she doesn’t know the guy when her best friend asks who the mystery man is. Paige then gets a callback call but doesn’t share the good news with her best friend.

We meet (my other favorite character besides Cassie) Alexis sitting pool-side. Her agent isn’t speaking to her but Rainer Devon is. One of the first thing she says other than that she’s not choosing between Rainer and Jordan is: “Did you come to protect me from melanoma?” How can you not love her and all of her sass?! We very quickly learn that Rainer and Alexis were in rehab together, except Rainer is sober now and Alexis is not. Even though Rainer needed the help, rehab was his mother’s idea to boost Rainer’s bad boy credibility. Since Alexis swears she really needs this role, Rainer will make sure she gets it if she can convince Jordan not to read for the role of Ed. That sounds like a great plan for Alexis, however, she let’s Rainer know that she is NOT going to sleep with him if it comes to that. My favorite thing from this entire scene is that everyone watches Rainer walk away.

Back at the apartment, a shirtless Jake Salt is grilling burgers. Cassie butts into Paige’s line of vision by saying, “I think you’re into more than just his burgers.” Way to look out, Cassie. But of course Paige doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, so that’s why she hasn’t told Jake that she’s not just staring at him because he makes great burgers. Cassie tells her friends that she’s off to meet some guy named guy Kyle with odd toes when she’s really putting on her best “Lacey” and going to meet Brody.

Alexis pays Jordan a visit. He’s admiring the city while she’s openly admiring his ass. Jordan confesses that he’s going to take whatever deal they offer him. Jordan makes an interesting proposition after the two talk for a bit. He asks Alexis, “You want to get naked?” Alexis takes him up on his offer.

Heads up: Jake spends a lot of his time walking around the apartment shirtless and Paige spends a lot of time starting at him. Jake also eats ice cream in a way that irritates Paige but would also irritate anyone else. HE ONLY LEAVES THE CENTER. A very ridiculous argument breaks out, Paige starts rambling, and they almost kiss. Blame Cassie for coming home and ruining the mood. The callback news comes out FINALLY. Cassie whips out a bottle of champagne that she stole from her uncle’s wake. I appreciate that Cassie was supportive and that Paige would be happy if it were reversed. It’s refreshing to see what could’ve been a competition between to women immediately shut down. Jake becomes even more interested in the callback talk when he learns that Rainer will be there. But it’s okay. Paige and Jake do end up kissing on the balcony. It is short lived because Cassie interrupts yet again.

When we catch back up with Nina in her office we learn that Barrett got a restraining order against her. Her son sits on the other side of her desk as she rages about her enemies, which she keeps a list of. I respect that. Rainer is looking through the potential Augusts’ headshots and comes across Paige’s. It has the “d” crossed out of Townsend. Rainer tells his mother that he’s sorry if he let her down before and then leaves. I don’t think he wants to be on his mother’s enemies list. Nina calls Barrett and tells him that she’ll help him get what he wants as long as he leaves Rainer out of it. And this is where my love for Nina falters. She calls Tangey a slut for cheating on Rainer with Jordan. UGH, not cool!

We are introduced the beautiful, blonde and British Dakota at a reading with Rainer. She’s already a part of this “famous” world and fits in perfectly. Paige, who couldn’t be further from being a part of the “famous” world at the moment, comes in for her reading. Rainer lights up! Yet again, Paige starts rambling and explains that she usually pinches herself to bring her out of the rambling fit, so Rainer asks if she wants him to pinch her. YOU GUYS. I’m already in love. Rainer takes Paige aside and whispers “You’re special” among other reassuring things in her ear. They go through the lines and kiss as Noah and August. I may be biased, but I think that our girl crushed that callback.

Alexis and Dakota are in the same bar probably worrying about the same thing – whether they are going to get the role of August or not. Alex’s orders Dakota a drink, Dakota raises said drink and pours it on the floor. I’m sensing some tension.

On her way out, Paige is caught and told that she needs to read with Jordan too. They kiss during the reading as well, and Paige proves that she has all of the skill for the role. She can really bring the tears! Jordan, clearly in awe of Paige’s talent,  says, “I think we should go while their jaws are still on the floor.” The callback concludes with nothing but compliments from the producer, director, and writer of Locked. Paige calls Cassie to spill, however, their call is cut short when Rainer meets Paige at her car with an invitation to grab some coffee. Cassie is freaking out on the other end of the phone about everything: the callback, Rainer, the coffee date. Plus, Cassie convinces Paige to take Rainer up on his offer.

There is one very important person missing at Jake’s play. Paige doesn’t show up until it’s too late. Poor Jake. Though things do turn around from him. Some guy named Kevin Stone from LDM (I assume that’s a big deal) wants to see Jake’s screenplay. Cassie winds up kissing Paige because Paige’s lips touched Rainer and Jordan’s lips and she wanted in on the fun. I adore Cassie. Just when things start to calm down, Paige gets the phone call that will change her entire life. Rainer personally calls Paige to let her know that she got the part. Paige Townsen will be playing August in the blockbuster Locked. The understandable conclusion to all of this would be a celebration, so Rainer sends a car to pick up Paige and her friends.

Dakota and Alexis are together in an apartment, and Alexis is letting all of the stress spill out of her as she pours herself a drink. She’s worried about never getting another role, losing her agent and more. Dakota stops Alexis from drinking by saying, “You just need one hit, baby, and you’ll be back on top.” Turns out these two are more than just the frenemies they present to the world; they’ve had a secret relationship. Alexis tells Dakota to shut up and kiss her, and that she does. I need to know everything there is to know about all of this!

Jordan goes into this house that I originally assumed was his own. The fireplace is lit, wine glasses are full, and Nina Devon is waiting for him. She examines his face and he promises that he didn’t punch first. Remember that Nina being a lover thing I mentioned earlier? Well that was with Jordan. Did you all see that coming?

Paige, Jake, and Cassie roll up this extravagant party which Rainer has planned. The paparazzi could not be more confused by these random people. Paige takes Jake’s hand and glides into the party as the paparazzi say that Rainer is inside waiting for his costar.

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