‘Timeless’ canceled at NBC

We’re not going to mince words – this one hurts. And it hurts bad.

News that NBC had renewed Taken and Blindspot were already making this renewal seem less and less likely, but now it’s official. NBC has canceled the time-travel show after just one 16-episode season.

Though an explanation is still forthcoming, when all is said and done, it might have to do with money. Timeless was more expensive than the other two shows NBC recently renewed, and it wasn’t owned outright by NBC, so even though it had marginally better numbers than both Taken and Blindpost, we’re now going to have to say goodbye to it.

Which just …for a lack for a better word, sucks.

Not only was Timeless entertaining, fun and educational, it had one of the most diverse casts on TV, an OTP in the making and three main characters who were not just teammates – they were a family. Add to that the fact that Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt were anything but stereotypes, and we can’t but conclude that they were too good for us.

Too good for TV.

If you add to this the previously tragic cancellations of Pitch and Sweet/Vicious and the best new shows, the most diverse, the ones who were pushing TV forward, are gone.

What a sad day for TV. What a sad day.

Can we start a #RenewTimeless campaign for Netflix now? Can you save all of our favorites, Netflix? We already love you. Can you make us love you more?


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