‘iZombie’ 3×11 Review: Return of the Dead Guy

iZombie’s ‘Return of the Dead Guy’ saw Liv face her past and finally start to move past the guilt of what she had done to Drake Holloway. It felt like seeing her, the actual Liv we’ve loved for seasons, make a return to remind us why we truly love her and started watching her journey in the first place.

Meanwhile, Ravi is trying to not expose the zombie secret while Major makes forts with some new girl that he just met two seconds ago. These new love interests are cute but we know they’re temporary no matter how they try to spin it.

Let’s dive right in!

The Liv We Know and Love is Back!

After almost half a season of wondering where Liv Moore went, we finally got the answer. She was hiding. The pain from killing someone she cared about (Drake Holloway) made her spiral on brains and try to disappear as much as she could. As someone who does the same thing sometimes, not the brains eating but hiding from the world, I understand. Pain and heartache is a hard emotion to push through and sometimes we’ll do unhealthy things to make it through the day.

That being said, this episode also saw a change in the way that she dealt with the brain. For most of the season she’s dived in head first, completely losing herself and making us forget that she’s Liv Moore and we’ve watched her grow for seasons. And you could blame it on the brain, or past trauma like this episode tried to do, but this one had been soaked more than any of the others and she was still…Liv. Maybe the writers noticed too late what they were doing by putting the brain front and center instead of having Liv Moore’s brain as the driver and the interloper brain as the passenger.

Whatever caused this version of Liv to pop up and have fun with Peyton, work with Clive, and care for Ravi, I want her to stay. I don’t want the Liv that couldn’t be bothered that Major was in trouble because she was too hopped up on brains or that Peyton was dating the man who turned her and killed a bunch of kids.

I want this Liv. Funny, straight forward, growing, and still learning what it means to be living after death, Liv Moore.

What’s Up with All the Sexing?

Justin and Major’s new mystery girl are sweet, kind, and a bit funny. But why are they there and what’s the point besides being distractions from what we really want, Liv and Major back together? If we’d seen a natural progression to these relationships, I’d be fine. But I feel like these new relationships are being forced down our throats with no build up at all.

Again, they’re cute, look like really nice people, but their talent and storylines are being wasted right now on something we know is going to end and go absolutely no where. We saw evidence of that when Liv was talking to herself while feeding Ravi’s rats and it felt like the heavens were finally opening up and Liv was seeing clearly after the rain was gone.

Liv knows that there is something still there between her and Major. She’s been deluding herself for months thinking that she can just date another guy, forget about what happened with Drake, and act like nothing has happened. Everything has happened, people have changed, and it seems like she’s finally ready to face that and the fact that she loves Major.

Let’s hope Major is there too and this isn’t the start of something serious where he deludes himself that he’s over her too.

Ravi Doing Things on His Own

I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared or proud at the same time. Ravi is a hero for the simple fact that he put himself on the line by going undercover, trying to buy time for Don E., and pleading for his life. He still believes that zombies are people and he will do what he has to do to protect them. Even putting his body between the Anti-Zombie people and Don E.

Don’t get me wrong, Don E. is the actual worst and is in league with Blaine. You never trust the people who do business dealings with that man. But he’s still a person who doesn’t deserve to be tortured for fun or to show the world that there is a threat we need to get in arms about. Ravi sees that and understands that these men don’t care that he’s trying to find a cure. They are of the us vs them mentality and Ravi has no time for that.

Whatever happens next, I hope our bae Ravi makes it out alive and doesn’t change. He has strong beliefs and people he wants to protect, aka Liv. And I don’t see this incident turning him away from zombies or trying to find a cure. If anything he’ll work harder so things won’t spiral anymore than they have already.

Favorite Scene from Return of the Dead Guy:

I hate Blaine but love to see this team up and Liv raging out! Feels like the good ol’ days!


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of iZombie:

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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